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Best Sex Store to Get the Newest Women’s Toys

Best Sex Store to Get the Newest Women’s Toys

Do you touch or stimulate yourself?

Some are probably embarrassed to admit it but masturbation is perfectly normal. In fact, the majority of the adult population (both male and female) are doing it. 

While it’s true that natural stimulation (masturbating using your hands) can get you to cloud nine, it would apparently be nicer to get an extra hand — not literally, of course!

Have you ever heard of adult toys

If you’re fond of watching x-rated movies on the Web, maybe you’ve encountered several advertisements about sex toys. 

And you might have also seen porn stars using one (or several) in some adult content clips. 

Did you ever feel turned on while watching women as they pleasure themselves using adult toys? 

Well, it’s highly likely that you’ll feel aroused and horny while watching ladies play with themselves for the camera.

Would you want to try it? 

There are a plethora of sex toys you can choose from on the market — and most of them cost next to nothing. With technology constantly evolving, a lot of adult toys have emerged with awesome smart features that might give you the best jerk off experience ever!

Seems like the adult toy industry is spoiling their customers by offering a variety of options — also making it quite tricky on the consumer’s side. 

To make your search easier, you might want to check out this adult toy haven called Jerkmate Shop. Maybe this can be your one-way ticket to a world of intense orgasms and pleasure!

We understand that you might have some doubts if this sex toy store is legit, so we’re here to give you the basics — what it’s all about and what it can offer. 

What is Jerkmate Shop?

Jerkmate Store

Jerkmate Shop is an adult toy store selling sex toys.

It is based in the US but it can also ship internationally. Very convenient, right? 

Are you worried if a family member receives your delivery and finds out that—GASP!

You’ve ordered a sexy toy?!

Well, that can be a common scenario for other companies. 

But here at Jerkmate Shop, there’s nothing to worry about those things. This is because they abide by their discreet shipping protocol. The staff will carefully pack your order inside a plain envelope or box without any hint that might give away the parcel’s content.

The return address would also show no signs about the source of the package. When it comes to discretion, you bet that Jerkmate Shop got you covered!

Jerkmate Shop Rates and Policies

If you’re an international customer, Jerkmate Shop might ask you to fill in its international credit authorization form and to submit a copy of your photo-bearing identification card. Through the form, the company can safeguard your credit information by comparing your signature on your ID and on the form. 

Take note that you’ll only receive this form via email after placing your order. 

When it comes to shipping rates, you can avail of a free shipment option if you purchase at least $125 worth of Jerkmate Shop products. 

There are other options available and your choice can depend on how fast you want your order delivered on your doorstep. If you’re excited, you might want to choose the next day delivery for a corresponding cost!

Like other companies, the fee can differ depending on the location, weight, and size of the package. 

Women’s Sex Toys at Jerkmate Shop

Some of you probably got bored of reading the basic information about this adult toy company — so let’s get to the fun stuff, shall we? 

Here’s a review of the most popular sex toys for the ladies on Jerkmate Shop:


Hot Pinks Devil Dick Jelly Realistic

Hot Pinks Devil Dick

This is one of the best sellers on the site and it’s HUGE! 

Do you want to satisfy yourself or maybe you want to give extra pleasure to your partner? The Devil Dick might be the ideal sex toy that can give a woman her first or nth orgasm. 

Aside from the ultra filling shape, it also has a realistic texture and multi-speed vibration feature. It seems that it’s made to satisfy whoever it touches!

It has a smooth and slanted tip that widens at the base of the head. To make it life-like, the manufacturer added big veined ribs on its monster-sized shaft — and it’s extended up to the toy’s base!

In the middle of the shaft is the multi-speed motor. Its vibration is intense and powerful that it can send erotic sensations through the toy’s tip. Moreover, it has a ribbed dial that allows you to alter its speed whenever you want. 

EZ Bend Bunny Vibrating

EZ Bend Bunny Vibrator

This toy takes the word “pleasure” to a whole different level. Its rabbit design is the reason why it became one of the most popular vibrators in the industry. It can offer you versatility, especially if you’re fond of both G-spot and clitoral stimulation

Since the rabbit vibrator is already a classic, the company behind EZ Bend Bunny added a few modifications. The flexible shaft is now easier to bend so you can adjust it to reach the right spot. 

Moreover, this toy is also waterproof so you can use it in the bath or in the shower — just bend it and enjoy!

But wait, there’s more — aside from its bendable feature, it also has dual motors that can help you reach satisfaction heaven. 

The first motor is placed on the toy’s shaft while the second one is on the bunny ear to send vibrations to your clitoris! Clever!

Lastly, it has 10 different speed options that you can choose from — you can start soft and eventually speed it up as you near climax! That function can be controlled by an easy-push button. 

There are other toys that you can choose from on Jerkmate Shop. This adult toy store can offer you not just women’s toys but also men’s sex toys, lube, and also DVDs. It’s like your one-stop sex shop on the Web! Check out Jerkmate Shop now and you’ll reach places that you’ve never been to before!

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