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BimBim Mobile Review- Sexy SocMed Site

BimBim Mobile Review- Sexy SocMed Site

Over the course of two decades, the award-winning team at AW Empire has launched well-known live cam services like Live Jasmin. Then, in 2020, they launched BimBim. An even better cam experience I must say.

I’ve come to know they’ve refined their business model in order to decrease additional fees for creators. Now they’re ensuring anyone who joins BimBim retains 100 percent of their income. What a fantastic opportunity for the models! But it’s not just about the models, it’s about us—- the viewers too. 

This newest cam site of LiveJasmin is built to be used on mobile. This isn’t your usual mobile cam site, however. Here, I  can interact with the models on the site and browse their content; it’s more of a social media platform than anything else. But then, why would I stay on Facebook and Instagram when there’s a site I could search on my phone that possesses spicier content?

I’ve actually also used its desktop version and it works just fine. It’s good because I can view the models on an even larger screen. But then again, the fact that they built it for mobile is much better. I can have my live viewing almost anywhere.

Bimbim Login

This cam site also never runs out of new material for members to enjoy.  After my login, I can see a wall where I can choose from any of the shows that are taking place in real-time. 

Members of BimBim have access to a wide range of services such as limitless free chat. Not only that but there are also stories similar to those seen on the upper portion of Facebook and Instagram. I can also call the models, and do premium video chats. Of course, I have to spend some coins on these features. I’m telling you as early as now, it’s worth it.

The best part for the models in BimBim is that I can send them gifts and hearts as expressions of admiration for their erotic shows. Like onlyfans, I only need to register, browse the models, and then spend credits on the creators whose premium content (such as photographs and videos) I want to watch.

BimBim Features

I signed up for free and was immediately awarded 10,000 coins to use as I saw fit. Without a doubt, this was insufficient. With the girls, it was all spent in a flash. I still got to check out way too many attractive ones! 

Of course,  after seeing what the girls can offer, I did not hesitate to increase my coins. I didn’t regret it in any way as I was in for a chat experience that was well worth the money I put out. The following are some of the benefits I get to enjoy when using BimBim:

When I logged in, I was presented with a screen full of options. The first thing I noticed are fiery profile photos of girls who are performing live shows, which I find really entertaining. 

There’s one thing I miss when I use the desktop version though. Unlike in the mobile version,  I can just let my cursor stay on top of a model’s profile, then I can have a preview of what’s happening in her room. This is not applicable when using mobile. I have to click the model’s photo and get inside her room to check what she’s doing. I still get to enjoy checking out each live video despite the hassles of entering and going out of each girl’s room. So, no bummer, really. 

The fact that they feature three distinct types of live shows, including battle, hot show, and just plain live piqued my interest as well. So I explored each category and discovered that they do really have distinctive functions from one another.

When I enter the one that says “Live,” I see ladies who are just going about their business (watching movies, playing online games, searching the net). However, what I appreciate about this one is that I get to see them in some sultry attire! In addition, they respond to the comments. When I give them coins, it guarantees that I get their attention. They thank me and sometimes I even get blown a virtual kiss. Boy, was it satisfying!

And now it’s time for the Hot Show! It truly lives up to its name, since the models do some extremely sensual things in this feature. They also have a “goal,” for which I must tip them. Once the target goal (number of coins) is reached, they will do exactly what they have promised. 

To celebrate reaching 5,000 coins, JassicaTod plans to show her viewers her Hot Istoria dance! I would’ve gladly spent 5k just for her, but I was still enjoying that titillating show. Just look at that! 

There are actually two girls participating in the Battle feature. I can vote on who can twerk or ride a dildo better by giving them coins. 

The one who receives the largest amount by the end gets to be called the winner.

The stories of the models are displayed on the main wall if you scroll down to the bottom. It’s almost the same with Facebook and Instagram. As previously said, this website never runs out of new content. 

What’s more, there are categories to choose from under each of the stories, which makes it even more convenient. As I’m obsessed with large boobies, that’s where I navigated next. 

Premium subscribers can communicate with models through stories, chat, and video calls. I will also have the opportunity to engage in private chat or face-to-face interaction with live models. Here’s a tip: subscribe to your favorite model’s account when you upgrade to premium. It can save you time by not having to search for them again on your next login.

I also get 30 days of full access to all premium content as part of my subscription. The best part is, I can even access other sites including,,,,  and (among others).

What can you spend tokens on?

There are a multitude of things I could do to spend my money on these lovely ladies. One of these examples is chats. I attempted to make a video call to VikySun. These gals are surely well-versed in the art of charging for their services. This model charges 3000 coins each minute.

If I had to send a message, I would also have to pay 500-1000 coins to have it sent. It all depends on the girls how much they charge.

Another way to spend coins is by giving the models the likes and presents they deserve.

It costs 10 coins for a like reaction, 30 for wow, 50 for on fire, 300 for a heart, 500 for a kissing emoji, 1K for a rose, 2K for a drink, and so on. I am free to make any amount I choose. But you know what? I’ll tell you something. This group of models deserves the best, so I award them based on my impressions of their performance.

BimBim Token Cost?

You will normally be able to spend roughly 10 minutes in chat/cam contact with a girl using the 10,000 free coins you receive when you first sign up. Afterward, you’ll need to acquire additional coins, which will cost you as follows:

  • 1700 coins – $9.99
  • 3700 coins – $19.99 (+300 bonus coins)
  • 12,700 coins – $59.99 (+2500 bonus coins)
  • 22,700 coins – $99.99 (+5700 bonus coins)
  • 47,000 coins – $199.99 (+13,000 bonus coins)
  • 107,000 coins – $399.99 (+39,000 bonus coins)
  • 227,000 coins – $799.99 (91,000 bonus coins)

Payment Options

The premium perks are unquestionably exquisite. It was for this reason that I couldn’t stop myself from taking money out of my wallet (my online bank to be precise). There are different payment alternatives available, including Paypal, cryptocurrency, Skrill, and Bankwire. I’m glad I’m already using PayPal because it makes things a lot less complicated. 

BimBim Navigation/ User Experience


Unlike in the desktop version, which has 6, in mobile, there are 4 icons that can be explored. They are placed on the top part, in line with the BimBim logo.


Once I clicked the heart, I was able to see all of the girls to whom I have given yellow hearts. I can then look at their profiles by clicking on their photos. It functions as my “favorites bar”.

After clicking on the search icon, I have access to all of the information on the site.  There are already categories available for me to choose from, so all I have to do is select the one that I want to watch.

The message symbol is obviously about the messages bar. I can view all of the conversations I had and decide whether or not to find another girl to talk to.

The last three lines on the far right are all about the settings. This button allows you to view their privacy policies as well as log out of the site.

BimBim Tips – How to get the most out of BimBim

I can find the girls who can perform the desires of your mind by returning to the main page and selecting the search option.

A list of categories can be seen right there on the page. Everything from anal to natural to erotic to amateur to enormous tits to toys is included in this category. That’s the best way to explore BimBim. 

End (Final words/ Pros & Cons)

BimBim is overall a pleasant and refreshing experience. It increases the bar for quality and provides us with a new opportunity to communicate and video chat with beautiful girls from all over the world. What’s even better is using the mobile version so that I may watch it from any location! It’s most likely the first website to be designed specifically for mobile phones.

It’s easy to use, and it gives all of the interactions we want and anticipate in a shorter amount of time than other sites. How I wish they create an application that will be available on iStore and Google Play though. I’m sure it will be even easier to navigate. 

Given the fact that BimBim is now the talk of the town, it’s safe to assume that plenty of attractive ladies will flock to the site in no time. We all know what that means. More content and more fiery performance for us to see!


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