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Tough luck with your online date? Struggling to score a hookup?

Probably it’s your game or lack thereof that is giving you trouble finding your match. You might either be doing something wrong or you just happen to come across a decent woman.

If you don’t learn how to play it right, you wouldn’t score a date no matter which online dating platform you choose. Want to be successful in scoring dates? Luckily we have something for you.

Without further ado here are some online dating tips and advice for you on Hookup Exposed.

Establish your target online date

online date target

A good man should know what he’s really after. That said, you must establish your target before diving into the online dating world. It’s the first thing you should be looking for.

Internet relationships are more of a casual thing but you have to score your targets in line with what you look for physically in a serious relationship.

Even if it’s just a casual hookup, you must establish your target so you get used to getting cozy with those types. Random matches do not mean random hookups too.

Set your expectations clear and make your goals realistic.

Catfishes don’t grow in the sea

There’s plenty of fish in the sea but a catfish is none of them.

What does this mean? You should never deceive others with an oldies but goodies photo or somebody else’s. You should have your profile updated with a most recent photo of you.

That means if you used to be an athlete before you gained 20 pounds, you shouldn’t be using your fit photo.

You might give the person the impression that you are such a sexy guy only to disappoint her upon meeting her in person. How do you expect something fruitful to come out if it if there isn’t honesty?

The person you like will appreciate the truth over lying to her.

Quit talking and start showing

How ironic how you two are talking online but you shouldn’t? Well, talking is actually one of the biggest mistakes men make even in online dating.

The problem is sometimes, we tend to try so hard to impress our dates that we write more than we show. Stop telling them what you’ve got to offer and start demonstrating them instead.

How to do it in an online interaction? Don’t tell your date how funny you are. Just crack jokes regardless. 

It’s better to get a “you’re so cool” reaction rather than the words coming from your end.

Your online date profile counts

online date profile

Your profile photo is what gives people the first impression of you. Not only should it be the most recent, but it should also be something nice or interesting about you.

Sure many fake their lives on social media just to shoot the most interesting profile picture. Pick one that actually represents you legitimately.

If you travel often, it’s okay to select a profile picture that has a scenery for a background. If not? A simple dapper shot with a plain but presentable background will do the truck.

Women like to see a man that looks neat especially if you rely a lot on pictures for communication.

Don’t be too formal

A simple “Hi” or “Hello” isn’t going to work. Even a formal introduction with a lengthy explanation will kill your chances even without you starting.

This is online dating. You need more than a generic thing if you want to own your openers. Send something more personalized.

Sure you can still greet the girl. Just throw in a solid ice breaker with a little bit of wit. Two to three short sentences will do.

Check her profile out so you’ll know how to break that ice barrier.

Keep the spontaneity even with online dates

You two have matched. What’s next?

Talk to her like you talk to a good friend. Keep the spontaneity of a casual conversation. Sure you need to drive it towards a potential hook up but you need to determine the middle point of too fast and too slow.

Spelling and grammar are important but not to be overthought. Just make sure it isn’t the consistent lousy linguistics. We mentioned this because sometimes, even the best verbal skill gets hit with the jitters from all the overthinking.

Don’t endear her unless she drops hints. Keep it as casual and spontaneous. You’re obviously on a hookup bank already. “Sexy” is going to come naturally.

Learn to read girl language

online date

If you two have been consistently talking for quite some time now, chances are she’s into you and is just waiting for you to up the tempo.

Girls don’t tell you what they want even if their life depended on it. Men are assertive by nature and it’s time you grow a pair.

It might be time to ask her out and convert those conversations into actual moments. Even the getting to know stage gets old if things don’t go anywhere.

Play with her even if it’s an online date

Online dating is all about games. It’s the laws of nature for girls to play games. Play with her then.

Drop some respectful, half-meant negs but still compliment her. This is the proper way to do push and pull. Don’t do it with emotion but with conversation instead.

You can play too in such a way that you try gauging how much brain is in her head. It’s not worth wasting time on someone who can’t play your flirty game.

Don’t sweat rejections

online date rejection

Rejections are a part of life. A missed job opportunity, being cut from varsity, or even when you do not qualify for a certain requirement.

If you survived these things, being turned down is the least impactful thing to happen to you. If she says yes, then good. If she says no, then just walk away.

There’s no sense sulking over rejection when there are a plethora of girls out in the online dating market.

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