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Do you masturbate often? 

If you do, are you already aware of the proper techniques that can help you reach satisfaction?

Masturbation can be a good kind of exercise. Aside from giving you pleasure, it can also promote better sleep, boost focus, and reduce stress. 

Moreover, it is one of the best ways to understand your body – learn what makes you feel good the most. You can even release all that sexual tension that you’ve been bottling up for quite some time, especially if you’re single. 

Below, we will talk about the best masturbation techniques for both males and females that you can give a try. 

Female Masturbation Techniques

Masturbation in ladies is considered to be a gift that needs to be unwrapped. 

If you want to feel relaxed, try the following techniques on your next jerk off session:

Clitoral Orgasm


The clitoris is a pearl-sized part of the female genitalia that is surrounded by the inner lips and on top of the vulva. 

Despite its size, the clitoris is the most sensitive area of a women’s body because it contains thousands of various nerve endings. 

If you want to experience a clitoral orgasm (which is a very common technique), you can lie on your back and stroke your clitoris. You can use alternate styles or rhythms as you want. 

Do you want to experience toe-curling orgasms? You can use vibrators to stimulate your clitoris – it can make you cum in no time! 

Vaginal Orgasm


A lot of women find it hard to achieve pleasure through vaginal orgasm. However, that’s only because they don’t know what they’re doing. 

To ensure that you receive satisfaction with this technique, you should know where your G-spot is located on your vaginal wall. Once you hit that, you’ll be dripping wet!

Tip: The best way to reach your G-spot is through the squat position. 

If you succeed in locating it, start stroking it with your finger or an adult toy of your choice. You can even flick your finger up and down until you feel tingly and wet all over!

Anal Orgasm


This technique can’t be used by everyone because some might feel uncomfortable with anal stimulation. But did you know that this is also another way to hit your G-spot?

While it’s true that ladies don’t have a prostate, you can still stimulate your G-spot by touching the wall that divides your vagina and rectum. 

Male Masturbation Techniques

For some men, masturbation is always a lot better than the real thing which is sex. The reason behind this is you’re the only one who knows your body. Your sexual partner doesn’t understand how your genitals react to certain actions. 

As a result, jerking off can help males achieve an intense orgasm

Here are some techniques that the male population can add to their routin

Tickling the Frenulum

Tickling the Frenulum

Do you know where your frenulum is? 

It’s that tiny line that starts from the center of your urethra up to your foreskin. If you’ve taken this part for granted before, then you might change your mind once you know how satisfying it is to stimulate it. 

The only downside is you might need to spend extra time if you want to get off just by tickling your frenulum. 

If you still want to try, you can begin by lying on your back and just relax. Stroke your penis till you get an erection and massage your frenulum in a circular motion. 

Be patient because this can take some time; don’t worry because it’ll be worth it once you reach the climax. 

Hands-Free Masturbation

Hands-free masturbation

Believe it or not, some people are already pros when it comes to hands-free masturbation. For those who haven’t tried this before, you might need a lot of practice. 

If this is your first time to try this technique, we advise that you abstain from any sexual encounter as well as masturbation. As a result, you’ll have a lot of juice waiting to be released. 

Once you’re ready, you can search for a hands-free masturbation guide on the internet. It will give you step-by-step audio and visual tutorials on how to achieve orgasm through this technique. 

Turn off the lights in your room or any place within your home where you prefer to do it. Insert your earphones and follow the guide. 

To give you an idea, hands-free masturbation requires you to pump your penis just like what it does during ejaculation.

Don’t be embarrassed about exploring your body. Experiment with different styles and soon you’ll master the art of masturbation!

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