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WaysToMeet Review

Many hookup and dating platforms offer the promise of a memorable date. The experience varies per user and the golden rule is to be out there and try as many platforms to increase your chances of meeting the right person. While WaysToMeet doesn’t exactly ring a bell the same way popular websites such as Tinder or Bumble do, you can still expect a pretty decent experience here!

This website is the go-to of people who want to get laid so bad. The platform keeps your dates discreet while connecting you to someone who enjoys sex just as much as you do. If you think that’s your cup of tea, then you’re in the right place!

But before you go to the website and try it out, it’s best to check this full review so you know what to expect from WaysToMeet.

Landing on WaysToMeet Website

As soon as you land on the website, you will immediately be greeted by a gorgeous woman who’s flaunting her naked and glorious body. The “free sign up” text is placed in a red violator, tempting you to create an account within seconds.

Then if you scroll down a bit more, you will see the photos of the current members. However, when you click on that, a pop-up message prompting you to fill out their form will appear. It says you need to provide your details to be eligible to see our list of horny men and women to fuck in your city.

The website sure knows how to trap its horny users! If you are one of those who are bored to death by your sex life, this website might make all the difference!

Signing Up at WaysToMeet

When you sign up at WaysToMeet, you will immediately be eligible to see the long list of horny individuals to fuck in your city. It is absolutely free like most hookup dating sites, so our advice is to take advantage of it and use it to its limit.

You also have the option to upgrade to a premium membership to increase your chances of enjoying sex with different strangers. After all, the site can only promise an easy path to getting laid. The rest is up to you. If you don’t get good matches, then this won’t bring you any good.

WaysToMeet Membership

The premium membership will offer you freedom from the limited options offered in the free term. Yes, that’s right. It is FREE! However, as with all investments, you need to take out some money to see the best results.

If you are fixed on saving up and not spending a single penny for your WaysToMeet membership, that’s not a bad option too. Just remember to be thorough and to complete your profile such as interests, vitals, intention, and more, to attract many members.

You are marketing yourself on this website, so you need to display the information that will attract more matches and increase the chances of getting laid. You can also indicate your preferences in WaysToMeet. It’s best to filter out your preferences according to what your tastes are in your ideal date to save you and your matches’ time.

You can say that you only need the basics such as cuddling or kissing. But if you’re really here for some carnal action, then you can indicate that you are looking for a fuck buddy. You can also say all your dirtiest fantasies that you want your partner or date to do to you!

After you’re done with this step, the results will then show you whoever fits your criteria. The final step is up to you. Find the best partner who you think gives you that initial spark and make it work!


WaysToMeet is a decent dating or hookup platform. While it’s not exactly the most popular option out there, it is still worth the try especially because it is free. That’s not the case for all sites.

The promise of getting you laid can only take you to a certain point. If you want to achieve that goal fast, then prepare to churn out a few dollars to increase your chances.

Who knows? Maybe you will find your soulmate here.

Pros vs Cons

  • The website is free to use. While it's not extremely popular, it is also pretty decent.
  • Members are all personally confirmed by the staff.
  • You can find the nearest fuck buddy in your city.
  • You need to shell out a few dollars to increase your chances of getting laid.
  • There are not much members here compared to other dating sites.

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