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Teen Snow Review

If you think you’ll find Elsa here, I’m sorry, but you won’t. The word “snow” doesn’t have anything to do with the content. Please don’t associate this website with skiing, sledding, or snowball fights, so ignore the name and the pixelated snowman at the top of the page.

Basically, Teen Snow is a porn aggregator that compiles “teenage” girls fucking men. The videos presented are perfect for those who are into young people, particularly young-looking girls.

Welcome to Teen Snow

I thought some sites such as Perfect Girls are outdated and shit, but I guess I’m wrong. Frankly, I have never seen a site as simple as Teen Snow– plain light blue background and Comic Sans Font. The landing site looks as old as the first American Pie film. The thumbnails are arranged in vertical rows by pair.

Teen Snow’s thumbnails are blurry and low-resolution, probably something they shot more or less a decade ago and onwards. But they’re still fantastic. The key sex acts are covered on the top page, and there’s a fair mix of amateur and professional sex. I don’t immediately see any fetish or kinky content. What the site offers are mostly White or Asian teen sluts. Well, I must say that Teen Snow’s category falls under female-friendly.

The site is kind of empty that I almost didn’t want to scroll down to the bottom. But I still did, out of curiosity and in hopes of finding a Latina (unfortunately, there’s none). However, I found twenty other links that I never bothered to open out of my fear that my device might catch some virus.

Experiencing the pornsite

There are 19 options to click on the site (“Hottest Teen of the Month/Week” and numbers 1-17) and none of them invites for a membership. That’s all I can say.

Since Teen Snow is an aggregator, It’s probably going to take you to a new page. But with this one, most of the videos you click will direct you to XVideos sample clip which is around six minutes to a few seconds long. Sites that didn’t go there were sent to pages that resembled TeenSnow but included somewhat different material that could be way shittier.

I didn’t spend much time exploring the site because for real, there’s nothing to explore.

The bottom line on Teen Snow

Not only that the landing site looks awful but the clips, too. Teen Snow could pass as the recycling bin of porn, not gonna lie. It’s redirecting you to the decade-old stuff.

For porn enthusiasts, Teen Snow looks like a total trash with hot girls in it.

This must be the most outdated I’ve ever reviewed but there are a lot of pretty faces on this site. It’s the pretty girls that saved this site. I also believe that the girls featured here aren’t actual teens but some young-looking women. Actresses lie about their ages, anyway. It’s a porn thing, too, if you think about it; they hire ladies of legal age and make them appear younger.

Overall, I don’t think this is worth spending your time on. Unless you’re fine with old-school porn and remember the old times in a short amount of time.

Pros vs Cons

  • Ad Free!
  • Tons of free porn
  • Daily updates
  • Layout too basic
  • No categories
  • Some titles aren't accurate

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