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SoftPorn Review

According to Urban Dictionary, soft porn is less visual than hardcore porn which means there are fewer close-ups of private parts, not too much roughness in intercourse, and a more pleasant look into porn videos. is full of that indeed! It is a site that compiles soft porn from different porn sites. So if you are just a beginner in the world of porn sites and you’re not sure yet if you want to see intense videos from bigger websites then this is the site for you. 

If you are not someone who has watched porn before or visited a porn site, then you can start here. The site itself looks familiar, like a blog, so it won’t really intimidate you as much as the others. Again, the selected videos are less out there, so you won’t be overwhelmed by the things you’ll end up watching. 

It is just a plain website with pages and pages of soft porn. There are some categories to choose from such as hair colors, toys, passionate or romantic, and all that jazz. If you are just starting out in watching porn, then maybe you can use this as a gauge as to what categories interest you best and give you maximum pleasure. 

And what is great about all of this is the website is FREE! So you don’t have to hesitate because you won’t need to shell out money to explore your sexuality on this one. 

What To Expect

Most of the videos have at least a paragraph long description as to what to expect. So if you don’t feel what you read then you wouldn’t need to click on it to find out. No waste of time in this one. 

You can find lesbian sex videos, threesome videos, and couple videos. Some are passionate and some aren’t, so you can choose what tickles your fancy. 

The sex scenes are more in the usual positions, nothing too extreme. Just adding a lil bit of excitement through vibrators, lingerie, and just a tiny bit of roughness. A whole lot or romance and passion.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to choose, the site offers a featured video. You know it’s going to be a good one if it’s pinned right on top! So you can’t go wrong by just watching that.

Sites It May Lead You To:

Expect the videos to lead you to these great porn sites:

  • Sex Art
  • Nubile Films
  • Lesbian X
  • Joymii
  • EroticaX
  • Babes

And many more!

If you aren’t sure about these sites, offers a website section with just explaining what you can expect on these websites.

Other Things You Might Want To Know

The interface isn’t mobile-friendly but you can still view it on your phones if you have no choice. It just isn’t programmed to be for it. So it is best to visit this site on your laptops or computers.

The site offers a search bar to maybe find a video you liked from before. If that video does the work then go ahead and search it! There is also an archives list and there are videos dated all the way from 2011! You see, there are a lot of videos to explore so you will surely enjoy. 

There is also a list of all recent posts, so you can check if there is a new set of videos you haven’t seen yet. The site isn’t that much organized but it does the work.

This website is also very female-friendly, which means that these videos will interest females more. Most of the videos focus on the female leads pleasure, and that’s pretty amazing. 

We all know the taboo that comes with watching porn videos all over the world, but there is no shame in embracing your sexuality, ladies! So go ahead and visit this website and find a video that suits your needs. There is no judgment here. 

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