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Perfect Girls Review

“Perfect girls” sounds like a fitting name for a porn site. There’s nothing special about itself or anything. It just sounds fitting because you’ll know what a person is talking about already– typical men’s fantasy!

However, this porn site didn’t become a hit right after its release in 2000, so they were once this annoying ad on other porn sites. I don’t know, maybe a pop-up or some moving graphic on the side. They began posting videos a few years later, and by 2010, it looked pretty similar to how it does now.

Although there have been improvements over the years, the core design remains the same: a massive grid of nasty movies depicting every type of sexy slut engaging in every possible form of wickedness. Drag your mouse over a picture to see a video preview; click it to see the entire video. Quite common *yawns*.

Welcome to Perfect Girls

When you initially visit the page, the top videos appear first. Mia Khalifa and Mia Malkova come to mind right away. Nostalgic. On PerfectGirls, there are clearly a lot of leading, big-budget pornos, but there are also some nice-looking Amateur films offered.

Perfect Girls accepts user submissions, so the variety is diverse. The clips themselves are sourced from multiple porn sites. To mention a few, there are watermarks for Brazzers, DirtyFlix, Awefilms, and XXXPawn. Meaning, the videos on the webpage aren’t owned by the site itself but contributed by the members.

It’s not one of those sites that simply pops up a bunch of windows you can’t dismiss and threatens to rape your hard drive until you give them your credit card. That is not the case. Even if you have a good adblocker, you’ll definitely get a few ads blocking your sight, promoting more porn while (which also happens during streaming).

Signing up for the site

Whether you’re a member or not, you can still have full access to this site. The only bonus of being a member is that you can upload videos or converse to the other horny guys or praise how good the porn was in the comment section.

It’s understandable if you didn’t patronize this site that much before since visitors had a hard time proceeding to their favorite category. Their experiences were quite bad for some obvious reasons–it takes some time before they finally get to do their business and move on with their lives.

The Perfect Girls experience

I got a little confused when I found out that Perfect Girls implemented browsing videos by category just a few years ago. I really don’t understand that part. I don’t think it’s a marketing strategy either. But whatever. As of now, their collection is now over 300,000 movies grouped into 50 categories.

The whole site is in English and translatable to seven other languages. Nonetheless, the layout is so simple that you’ll be able to navigate it even if you don’t speak the language. In any case, all of the video titles are still in English.

Finding the last porn you watch is also made easier with Perfect Girls. Just look for it on your history page.

Final thoughts

If you think that this review is bland, check the site so you’ll understand more of what I’m talking about. This is some Walmart Porhn Hub. It’s ordinary and it has no competition. It’s something young people looked at years ago. For me, they are left behind due to late and outdated alterations to their site.

There’s nothing much going on or something to look after Perfect Girls. But hey, porn is still porn. I’m sure you’ll find something good in there, especially since some of the videos are from bigger companies. I just wish you luck on your scouting.

Pros vs Cons

  • Large porn collection
  • Timely updates
  • Rich pornstar list
  • Pop-up ads can be too spammy
  • Limited search filters

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