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Dont’ have the time to jerk one off to a full length video? The short snippets of video on /r/NSFW_GIF will get to that good stuff without all that unnecessary build up. With more than 350,000 readers and thousands online at any given time, this porn gif subreddit is one of the most popular around. There are just a few rules at NSFW_GIF – direct links to gifs only, no spam allowed, and the pretty clear rule of “don’t be a jerk”. There’s a pretty decent balance between solo masturbation gifs and couples fucking, as well as lesbian, anal and softcore fun. The mods here have done a great job in listing the most popular videos in their sidebar, as well as giving you links to other subreddits you may enjoy. It’s one of the most well organized porn subreddits around, so it’s worth spending a few minutes checking it out.

Pros vs Cons

  • Millions of porn gifs
  • Totally free
  • Reddit app sucks

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