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Listcrawler Review

I was pretty much in amazement when I landed on a site that seemed like it was the craigslist of escort services. At least Listcrawler here is more upfront with their intentions.

Some might be skeptical about this escort service website but maybe you should give it a chance the same way I did? Just like we need to give people the benefit of the doubt when we’re hooking up with them, we should do the same with this escort website.

With such an interesting feed upon landing, I decided to dig deeper into what this site is truly about.

Landing on Listcrawler

Listcrawler was pretty geo-particular with who they pimp out for you. Once you’ve verified that you are about 21, it’s going to ask you for what region and city or state you belong to. In my case, it’s provinces and towns since I went to the Canada part.

What met me was like an old-school internet listing of what can presumably be hookers and prostitutes looking to escort someone to wherever. It’s like when you ask a girl out to date and take her to a restaurant your ex works in. But I digress.

Since my area of preference was Canada, I was looking at a diverse field of individuals I’d want to fuck.

Establishing boundaries

It really feels like a scene out of a border town hustle with each escort posting their rates, as well as establishing their restrictions before pushing through. I’m not really sure what’s with online copywriting on the postings when pictures alone are all someone needs when looking for an escort.

I’m not really into escorting, to be honest but since I’m blessed to send you a message, let’s just say I did a little picking of my own. I went for good copywriting and see how it goes over just plain pics so I went with “New Latina Roxy 24yrs Available Now! – 24″.

Checking an escort out

Good thing I was in Midtown Toronto while writing this so I checked her out. She’s got that signature Latina booty you see in adult entertainment and I was also drawn to her leg tattoo which was a good sight together with my lowkey foot fetish.

Man, these people mean business! Time wasters are indeed getting blocked because she posted her rates and her number already. She also specifically stated that she’s interested in men only

This Latina I chanced upon was probably  5’2 or 5’3 in height and probably around 140lbs thick. At least she’s got some good distribution in her because She didn’t look like a BBW in body shape at all!

One thing I can say is she really likes flexing that ass more than her boobs that were just as big. But it’s still definitely the ink that caught my attention with her. Tattoo fetish anyone?

What else to check at Listcrawler

Just for the benefit of info, I checked what it would look like when I select another region. Good enough, North America has heavily picked up with this online escort service because other than Toronto in my area, Quebec was also a good place to score some French descendants.

I tried filtering to the United States and checked out Miami and Vegas. It’s safe to say that Listcrawler is a site to consider when traveling to those cities. If you ain’t getting them on the streets, just try them online and it might even be them going to your hotel room!

You can play around the site all you want because the place is like a classified ad full of hookers and prosties. Needless to say, Listcrawler might be a more friendly travel companion than an itinerary guide!

Final thoughts

Consider this our parting words because as much as I’d love to talk to you all day about Listcrawler. There comes a point where I need to enjoy who I met here as well. I won’t tell you the details because it’s something we need to keep private to protect the actual escorts in an already dangerous line of work.

Let’s just say things are going to get pretty X-rated soon. I’m going to enjoy my Latina and you go enjoy whoever you please as well. Just a bit of friendly advice, don’t check a different location unless you are there. It might lead you to an unnecessary trip to a different city on impulse.

Mind you, Listcrawler almost sent me to Detroit!

Pros vs Cons

  • Great online escort service
  • large selection of escorts
  • Geo-particular
  • Catfishing
  • Escorting scams

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