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GotPorn Review

Are you looking for a website that offers adult content for free? 

If you are, then GotPorn can be your new go-to site from now on!

Who would even say no to free stuffy especially if it’s porn? Well, most people would love to enjoy such things. 

Imagine yourself alone in your room and you saw something on your phone or computer that gave you a hard-on. What would you do next? 

Others would certainly go to their browser and search for a porn site to satisfy their desires. You might see some awesome sites with fantastic content but the question is, can you explore them for free? 

A lot of adult content websites require a fee to give you the best viewing experience. 

Fortunately, with GotPorn, you can indulge in a world of erotic pornography without spending a penny!

Maybe now you’re interested in learning more about this website. Read further and we will tell you the basics. 

What is GotPorn?

GotPorn is an adult material platform that offers porn movie streaming. Most of its content are from partner sites and others are submitted by its users. 

With all that collaboration, the website has accumulated 1.4 million clips. Aside from the flicks, it also has partnering channels, model listings, and photo galleries. It’s even linked to LiveJasmin – one of the most renowned cam sites!

When you visit GotPorn, you’ll see that it’s also linked to a website called CASINO. However, we haven’t tried visiting it because it looks sketchy. 

This platform has partnered with over a thousand adult sites such as RealityKings, MOFOS, and Brazzers. Moreover, they’re also linked with other niche websites like GrandpasFuckTeens (yes, it’s exactly what you think it is) and BluePillMen.

It ranks #446 in the platforms that receive the most traffic on the web. In fact, it is #424 in the US. 

Come October 2020 and they’ll be receiving 105.85 views a month! Most of the traffic comes from France, Germany, and the US. Not bad, huh? It’s wickedly popular!

GotPorn Content

Visiting this platform can give you access to over 1.4 million erotic clips. You can sort them by different factors such as length, recently added, recommended, most viewed, most popular, and featured. 

If you love being specific with your search, you’d probably love the toggle in the search box that allows you to choose among Straight, Gay, and Bisexual. 

On the site’s homepage, there’s a top trending tag which can be very helpful if you’re looking for some great recommendation of what to watch. 

However, we would like to warn you that the last tag which is #Pornstar will link you to Brazzers. 

Some of the video contents are sample videos from GotPorn’s partner sites – and they’re usually 6 minutes long. You can also find on the site amateur clips, flicks from clip sale platforms like Clips4Sale, and cam model shows. 

You are allowed to stream the media either in SD or HD. You can easily identify HD videos by looking for the HD icon under the thumbnail. There’s even an option to search and display videos with HD qualities only!

Hovering over the thumbnails can give you a slideshow which serves as a teaser of the whole clip. While there are websites that offer animated previews (which are definitely better) the slideshow is still a nice feature. 

When it comes to the video player, there’s nothing much to do because it’s very basic. All it has are full-screen toggle and of course, the play/pause button.

The content descriptions can give you adequate information like favorites, views, tags, and a link to several clips with the same content or model. 

On the homepage’s sidebar, you’ll find other sample videos from affiliated networks. It only means that GotPorn offers clips that came from paysites on the internet. 

It seems that this adult platform treats its photo gallery like a gem because it has a list of popular and searchable tags. The only downside is it doesn’t have an option when it comes to sorting. 

Most of the photos in its gallery were taken in a studio – the kind that’s shot together with filming a porn movie. Once you view the image, you’ll see a link that can direct you to the source site. 

Although there’s a myriad of user-submitted content, it’s quite hard to distinguish them from the rest. In general, most of GotPorn’s material is a sort of advertisement for other websites.

Do you feel like you need some free porn fix tonight? Check out GotPorn now and get access to HD videos from big companies!

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