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Dating Review

Being stuck at home for more than a year now definitely bores us.

My friend and I used to think that it’s just fine for us if we don’t get to socialize as much as other people would. But not being able to do so (for quite some time now) impacted our lives to the extent that even we, the introverts, developed into something outgoing. 

Funny enough, my friend is now into something she would never do back then: hugging and being touchy to people. On my end, I learned to communicate better by diving into something new to me, and that is 

There I got to talk more to different types of people that helped me kick boredom out of me and at the same time introduce myself to different kinds of people out there…and of course, how do they get themselves into their kind of relationship. 

Getting Started

Creating an account for isn’t so hard after all. All you need is an active email and set your password, then viola! You finally have an account. You may now proceed to the next steps which focus more on your personality and interests.   

You will also be asked in the beginning about your age, sexual orientation, location, what are you looking for. You know, things like that. 

Your main profile will be displayed just like Twitter or Facebook– there’s a frame for your profile picture, and there’s another space for the background picture. Below that, of course, is your brief introduction about yourself. I suggest make it sound interesting, and please, please, please do not include your age, interest, or anything that will be mentioned on the other parts of your page, or else your profile will look repetitive. 

Instead, you may try something like, “Only here to look for someone to watch movies on Discord with.”

On the lower part, you may upload more photos of yourself, so people can see more of your aesthetically pleasing face. is also allowing its users to edit their interests on the bottom part, as well as the users’ “about me” and “I’m looking for” sections. Just click the circle with a pen inside on the upper right corner to edit. 

Finding Matches

HERE’S THE CATCH: even if your profile isn’t completely built yet, you’ll get people talking to you right away. No need to swipe here and there and make matches. I am quite surprised because I already made 10 chat requests without putting so much effort into my suspicious profile.

I don’t mean to say that people here are hyped for relationships (I mean we don’t really know one’s intentions unless we talk to them). My point is Finding someone to have some fun with is easy here on

Overall Experience

Just to make it clear, is not an app but rather a dating site. Nonetheless, it has the same function as the rest of the dating applications/sites out there. It’s also safer since it doesn’t ask so much about you aside from what your interests are.

Of course, in order for a dating site/application to stand out amongst its competition, there must be something that would make it unique. In this case, offers something that I’ve never seen on any dating app before. (Trust me, I’ve been on Tinder, Bumble, OKC, Coffee and Bagel, Hot or Not, and some elite dating app that I forgot the name of, and many more). 

On this site, you may set a certain mood accordingly. You can choose from Serious, Pen Pal, Romantic, Flirty, Naughty, or even “don’t know”. You can also adjust your scope of interest anytime according to age and sexual orientation.

For me, the cherry-on-top on this site is that you can go live! I’ve never encountered something like this because in most places texting and sending photos is the only mode of communication. Therefore, for those who use dating apps, it’s mandatory to have Telegram so you guys can continue the fun there. 

Lastly, you may upgrade your account to experience’s better features. 

Pros vs Cons

  • Great domain
  • Charming singles
  • Gender Diversity
  • Nothing standout really

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