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CumSluts Review

If checking out a babe with a face full of cum gets you rock hard, you need to get out the CumSluts subreddit. This semen based subreddit requires that all images show spaff on the body – and no fakes allowed! While gay porn is something shown, it’s not that frequent and you’ll find mostly ladies here. They’ve got everything from the nut drop on the belly, a face full of bukakke cum, or that ass-pop that we love checking out after a rough doggy style fuck. Most of the pics are taken from full on porn vids, with a smattering of amateur and home made cumsluts here and there. The CumSluts subreddit is mostly images, but there are a few posters who share some full length videos in the comments, so its really worth checking out the whole conversation string for some spafftacular goodness. No spam, no underage, and no fake cum allowed – but everything else is on display at /r/Cumsluts!

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