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CrakRevenue Review

Are you looking for a side hustle

Well, I guess that’s not a problem anymore. Aside from your primary job, you can easily look for other side gigs on the internet which can help you earn some cash

These days, there are a lot of things you can do to have additional income without exerting too much effort. Well, I guess that’s after you have established your name online. 

One of the most popular side hustle on the Web is having your own blog website. I guess you are now wondering how it could help you. I was skeptical too at first. I mean, how could writing my thoughts and ideas help me earn some money?

Fortunately, I learned about affiliate marketing. This may be a complex term but if you’re able to find the right company or person to teach you, it won’t be confusing anymore. 

If you want to jumpstart your career as an affiliate, you can ask for help from CrakRevenue. 

What is CrakRevenue? 

I did my quick research about CrakRevenue and I found out that it’s one of the top CPA (Cost Per Action) network brands all over the world. It’s based in Canada and was founded in 2010. Fun fact about this company is it only started with eleven employees. I guess that’s lucky number 11 for them. 

In 2019, it has more than 100 creatives that specialize in various online marketing aspects. CrakRevenue employs SEO specialists, customer service representatives, content writers, web developers, and other positions.

If you’re a potential client, those people will help you create an effective marketing strategy that can boost traffic and convert them into sales. 

How do CrakRevenue deliver their promise? 

I dug deeper and learned that CrakRevenue is using different tools to help its client earn passive income. 

The first one is through “education”. They’ll make sure that you’re fully aware of the things that you should and shouldn’t do. This is very important because if you don’t have any idea about what you got yourself into, you may end up fumbling and stumbling on the entire journey. 

CrakRevenue puts education above anything else. That’s why they decided to set up a platform called Whale Academy. It’s where clients and visitors can learn about what the company does. Also, it includes lessons about affiliate marketing being an effective marketing strategy. 

So yeah, this company won’t tell you to hire them right away for your website. Instead, they’ll let you know everything you need to know about them first. That way, you can easily decide whether you’re ready to proceed with this endeavor. Cool, right?

Aside from being educated by Whale Academy, you might also receive blog articles and newsletters about the latest trends in marketing. For me, this is a plus as it can help my brand adapt to the ever-changing marketing world. 

I think I can now say that I love CrakRevenue. I mean, who would even go the extra mile in setting up a platform where you’ll learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing? From there, I already know how much they care for their clients on both personal and professional levels. 

In fact, setting up your brand is pretty challenging. Thanks to this company for decreasing the load on their clients’ shoulders. 

Another tool that they have is “versatile offers”. I guess this might be one of the reasons why it always stands out among its counterparts. These offers or also known as affiliates can be a huge help in promoting your website.

These affiliates I’m talking about already have consistent web traffic and an established audience. If you give them your affiliate tracking URL, it might entice their visitors to visit your site as well. Eventually, your website can make a profit from any visitors’ activity

If you’re going to ask me, having a wide array of options is awesome. The only downside might be, you’ll find it hard to choose the one you can trust in promoting your brand. 

Thankfully, CrakRevenue has also thought this through. They created a “Browse Offers” page where you can find the right affiliates for your website once you’re an approved client. 

If you’re looking for a particular niche, you can use its search box on top of the page. For instance, if you want your affiliates to come from the “dating” niche, you can enter the word dating on the search bar. Easy and convenient, right?

Here’s my final say

Now, that’s CrakRevenue in a nutshell. You can learn more about this company if you work with them hand-in-hand. 

If you’re ready to be an affiliate, sign up as an affiliate now!

Pros vs Cons

  • Filtered and targeted traffic
  • Budget capping and automated conversions
  • Preferred promotional methods
  • No Payoneer payments
  • Long payment terms to start
  • Time zone issues
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