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Thyle Knoxx Will Bring You to Paradiso Gaylandia!

Thyle Knoxx Will Bring You to Paradiso Gaylandia!
  • Born: November 19, 1990
  • Birthplace: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5’11” (180 cm)
  • Penis Size: 8”

The demand for gay porn films is going up for the past years. And I totally understand as the gay porn industry is jam-packed with sexy and hot gay stars. One look at them, and I feel like I’m going to spend the rest of the night wanking my load. 

To be honest, I’m not into this genre before. All I check out every day are films of luscious MILFs giving young boys the sexiest times of their lives. 

But when I started exploring other niches, I found one that’s worth checking out. And maybe you can already guess which niche I’m talking about. 

I can’t say I’m in love with gay stars, as that’d be an understatement. I consider it an obsession that can only be cured with a night of endless fapping. 

Regardless of your sexual preference, you’d still find this category freaking amazing. You might also love the fact that most actors in this genre can satisfy both genders. Yep, that’s the beauty of being bi. 

One of the gay porn actors who got me hooked on this discovery is Thyle Knoxx. He got a gorgeous face that’d make girls wet and a well-toned body that’d make other dudes jealous.

So, I guess this is the perfect time to intro you to this talented star.

A Canadian cutie making your wet dreams cum true

Does his name ring a bell to you? Well, you might be familiar with him, especially if you’ve been browsing x-rated films under this category. 

For those who’ve no idea who this guy is, lemme tell you a bit of his back story. 

Thyle was born on November 19, 1990, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. His real name is Taylor Nason, and he’s working as a webcam model, adult performer, and gay porn actor. 

He was born under the star sign Scorpio. Well, maybe you’d like to find out if your signs are compatible. 

His piercing blue eyes and shiny black hair might catch your attention the first time you lay your eyes on him. I guess you can say that he can be a handsome Prince Charming in your fairy tale story — he’d be sweeping you off your feet!

His mesmerizing gaze might make you drool all over your sheets. And the next thing you’d know, your hand is quickly making its way between your legs. You know, to release all the sexual urges you feel. 

Thyle got the body of a swimmer and an enormous dick that measures 8” long. Holy Moly, it seems like he can satisfy bum holes and pussy holes with his huge package. 

What’s impressive about this Adonis is he likes the hair on his body neatly trimmed — especially his pubes and armpit hair. He even keeps his asshole cleanly shaved to ensure a superb anal experience for him and his on-screen partners. 

Do you have a thing for manly chest hair? If you do, then you might even be more interested as he got some sexy chest hair. 

A gay hottie invading the industry

Thyle has been in the porno world since 2017, which means he has been exciting fans for several years now. So yeah, he’s definitely not a greenhorn in the biz 

Like other pornstars, he started as a cam model and eventually transitioned into a professional porn actor. 

Some gay porn companies he has worked for are Dudes in Public, Falcon Studios, Bromo, Dad Creep, Missionary Boys, Men At Play, Bareback That Hole,, Himeros TV, Raging Stallion, BadPuppy, MASQULIN, WhyNotBi, and Cocky Boys.

He built his name pretty well. However, it’s undeniable he’s famous for his daring Chaturbate shows. In fact, Thyle’s fans and followers are always looking forward to his cam shows. 

This handsome dude is willing to explore his sexuality with trans, women, couples, and of course, his fellow men. It looks like he’s one versatile guy in bed — and that’s certainly a plus for me. 

I mean, it’s nice to see someone experimenting and discovering new things. 

Thyle can perform lots of stuff such as vaginal sex, kissing, fellatio, ass gaping, cum eating, blowjob, masturbation, ass fingering, facial, creampie, close-up, rimming, and dildo. 

When he’s on a b/b scene, he loves bottom bareback, interracial, top bareback, bottom creampie, and deep throat. 

According to his Chaturbate bio, he’s a proud exhibitionist. Thyle enjoys showing off his monster-sized package and pink bootyhole.

If you’d like to check out what he’s up to, you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His social media profiles can tell you a lot about him and even give you ideas about his upcoming releases. 

Here’s my final say

Thyle truly got the looks and the physique, don’t you think? It’s no surprise he has captured a lot of hearts with that deadly combo!


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