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Milo Madera: The Sexy Milk Chocolate Man

Milo Madera: The Sexy Milk Chocolate Man

Milo Madera is the guy you ought to go for if you like brown pride. He’s a person of color both in skin and in sexual preference!

He may be an ebony man to some but it’s because his package speaks such. This Brazilian gay model makes the male pornstars want to do Jiu Jitsu!

You might not even think of him as a gay guy if you come across him on the street. He looks like an athlete who’s into either contact sports or outdoor ball sports.

We’re not here to talk about athletics though unless it’s for role-playing. We’re talking about the kinky Milo Madera who’s down for anything, especially if it includes orgies!

It’s better to receive at times and Milo just wants to do so with cock!

Milo Madera Information

Milo isn’t generic vanilla. He’s straight-up milk chocolate. If you’re wondering what are his exact specs as they would describe gadgets, here they are!

  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Latin (Brazilian)
  • Tattoos: Left pec
  • Dick Size: 8-inch dick (uncut / uncircumcised)
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 165lbs

Milo Madera Hot Photos

You’re probably putting images on those vital stats already. Be our guest as we have compiled you Milo’s hot photos!

Milo has quite the evenly distributed vital stats which shows you that being well-hung is a gift. What a muscular man this Brazilian hunk is. Truly a blessing in gay porn!

These are the pictures you save on your phone and show your friends that you have a new favorite pornstar. Your friends will thank you later on.

How about some moving nude pics? Here’s what’s next!

Milo Madera Hot Video

It’s about time we see how Milo is likely to perform if we were to be on the other end of his act. This live cam video shows you how Milo operates and how hot he truly is. That’s if the photos weren’t enough satisfaction for you.

It isn’t as steamy as a sex video but still, you have to admit that this turned you on. Should we put a notice on how much effort he put into that set design too?

Well, these are just tidbits of what this milk chocolate man can do. Expect more from him since the industry needs more guys like him performing.

Milo Madera on Social Media

The best way to get to Milo is to be updated on when he does his thing. That said, here are his socials to keep you posted all the time.

Milo Madera on Twitter

Milo Madera on OnlyFans

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