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The Hottest Pornstars of 2020 – Who to Fap to

The Hottest Pornstars of 2020 – Who to Fap to

The porn industry isn’t as easy to break into as in the past. If you’ve seen the series “Hot Girls Wanted” on Netflix, you probably know about that by now.

These A-List porn stars still have to perform to maintain their grasp is at the top. You can only imagine what extreme lengths amateurs are willing to go to just to get to the top.

You probably know some of these girls more than once from the number of times you sprayed screens with your cum on PornHub. Without further ado, here are the hottest pornstars of 2020.

Consider this one of many listicles for your testicles.

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova can probably pass as a Sports Illustrated cover girl or a blonde fashion model. Instead, she took her beauty to the adult industry and we couldn’t thank her more!

The gorgeous blonde pornstar started was moonlighting in her desired career while she was working in a fast-food restaurant. Mia is now an award-winning Twisty’s model years later and also one of the hottest pornstars of 2020.

Her popular performances were under Mindgeek, and then Hard-X two years after. It doesn’t look like she’s ready to pass the torch yet as she still stars in multiple adult movies. One of her popular appearances was when she starred in God, Sex, and Truth.

Think you’ve had enough of Mia Malkova on a tube site? Watch her go live on Twitch then.

Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels

Pornstars love using the same first letter for their first and last names. Two of them are the most popular: Dani Daniels, and someone who will also appear on this list later on.

Dani is a hot catch having worked with the biggest porn studios. She’s done projects for Reality Kings, Penthouse Studios, and Brazzers to name a few. She does not just star in films but directs some of them too!

What makes Dani so popular is because she puts in the effort to create social media engagement. You’ll not only see her on PornHub but also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and has a YouTube channel too!

Of course, she follows community guidelines and keeps them fairly sexy but that’s where the tease actually comes from. She’s got a lot of nudity on porn sites already.

Let’s just be lucky she gives away another side to her life as a pornstar.

Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean

She’s probably named Elsa Jean because of her blonde hair. Do you get the “Frozen” reference?

Anyway, this blonde beauty from the Midwest looks like your typical high school cheerleader. The geeks dream that one day a girl like Elsa will notice them or even just say their name. That explains why she chose Elsa Dream as her alternate name.

She has a good educational background studying at George Mason University. Why she thought that being a stripper and a cam girl is a better career is really surprising.

Let us all thank her for not turning down a hefty offer from big-name porn producers. Putting cold cash upfront is very hard to turn down.

The petite body of this hot blonde goddess makes it look like she’s so innocent. Don’t be fooled though because she can take the biggest cocks in the business.

Her beauty even earned her a shoot for Playboy magazine.

Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper is Sasha Grey 2.0 when it comes to what she can offer. She has the same level of energy that Sasha exhibits in her videos.

It has done well for her as she earned good gigs with the big dogs in adult entertainment. Her wildness makes her a good erotic entertainer. Dillon has a plethora of performances that will make you jerk more than once in a single video alone.

She calls her fans the “DillionNation,” which tells us it isn’t just a small group. She has an army behind her with guns shooting smegma upon screens!

Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik has the name, the look, and the body to pass as a typical Instagram Model.

Despite a surefire career after porn, this brunette isn’t content with starring in 736 films just yet. She wants to entertain us more!

The big dogs in porn still like her especially after performing as she did in “While You Wait.” She starred alongside Van Wylde in that Reality Kings project.

She really deserves to be on this list due to her consistent award-winning performances. Some of her achievements are winning Orgasmic Analyst at the XRCO Awards in 2015, Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene as a co-star in Zombie Slayers in 2018.

Want one that we find worth mentioning? She even got awarded for fucking a transgender!

Abella Danger

Abella Danger

Jewish-Americans have their ways of making everything seem controversial, hence Abella Danger!

Her dark hair and pretty brown eyes makes her porn’s favorite Jewish princess. Critics have called attention to her work which makes the danger of being caught fapping to her so thrilling.

It’s the beauty in a seemingly exotic look that makes people fall in love with her performances. A nice body, a sweet personality, and wild sex scenes sure make a good combo.

Her wholesome appearances are of good quality content too. She appeared in viral videos like Pumping With Pornstars, Answer the Internet, and Picking Up Pornstars.

Abella is one of many who can easily transition into any career. Porn gives a model so much clout that it makes it very easy for them to become an entrepreneur after porn.

We’ll be waiting for her to do YouTube full time!

Brandi Love

Brandi Love


Don’t let Brandi Love’s veteran status fool you. Her works still make fine fap material and will give the new blood a run for their money.

Those 36C tits only come from a seasoned woman. Who wouldn’t like to motorboat those jugs? Being a MILF makes her a perfect fit for fetish videos. Brandi is the type of older woman that the young guys want to score on.

Brandi doesn’t hold back. She can take Big Black Cocks, foot fetish videos, and even eat out some hot lesbian pussy!

Aside from finding her at PornHub, she also performs as a cam girl on Cam Soda. It’s probably your lucky day as long as you can pay!

Riley Reid

riley reid

How many famous blonde pornstars get branded “The Next Jenna Jameson?”

Riley Reid maybe brunette but her performances will likely make her a perennial candidate. AVN even named Performer of the Year in 2016

She broke into the adult entertainment industry when she was 19. Riley starred in almost a thousand movies since then. It doesn’t look like she’s slowing down though as she’s still good at it!

That’s some pussy of steel as she was able to handle the infamous Mandingo. Riley might even be on top of this list if we are ranking them accordingly.

Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston

Even the vixens have to do odd jobs prior to the sexy ones.

Nicole Aniston worked as a customer services worker and a banker prior to making it big in porn. Her last name is so star sounding that we like thinking of it whenever she sucks cock or does whatever.

She stars in several porn parody films after she decided to take being a glamour model to crazy heights. It doesn’t hurt her vixen image though as she can still make good money out of posing on men’s magazines.

This Penthouse Pet isn’t simply a top pornstar. Maybe she’d make a good high-class escort too.

Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades

Oh, we couldn’t think of anything bad about Lana Rhoades. Many consider her the best porn performer right now.

Her deep-throating skills are legendary. She can take the biggest cock and swallow it whole without even gagging on it. It seems that even a country girl can survive!

We haven’t mentioned her D cup yet which every fan likes to titty fuck. Her most popular videos are the ones where she gets double-penetrated by dicks as big as the ones she blows.

Compared to others, she only has a couple of hundred movies to show but boy they are all of good quality!

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