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Sheena Ryder & Donny Rock Stars in Awesome Anal Scene

Sheena Ryder & Donny Rock Stars in Awesome Anal Scene

Look what we got here: a hot caucasian dude and a bootylicious Latina. These two are already a perfect combination, but wait till you find out that they aren’t just about their races, but they’re also an awesome pare of a MILF and a DILF. Damn! I know! Sheena and Donnie are two of the most well-known and well-liked artists in the porn business. Isn’t that a dynamic duo in the making?

Let’s get to know this stunning MILF and DILF combo one after another before plunging deep into their passionate and spicy sex lives.

Sheena, the fairly young MILF

Sheena Ryder

I am lowkey shooked when I discovered that Sheena is considered a MILF in the porn world (because not gonna lie, she looks young), turns out this hot momma is 37 years old; just the right age to consider one. I’m not just sure if she really got kids in real life, but that doesn’t matter because she’s THAT mom that every jock in your local high school wants to fuck. *Queues Stacy’s Mom while exploring her IG*.

This Capricorn lady was born on January 19, 1984, as Veronica Elisha Gonis in Los Angeles, California. The secret behind her outstanding beauty is her Greek and Latin bloodline and she’s standing 5-foot-4 with measurements of 34D – 27 – 39.

According to sources, she worked in the medical field (inside the army) for quite some time before several years before doing porn. Sheena herself admitted that she has a high libido, and that got her into swinging wherein she met people who convinced her to enter the porn industry at. After enjoying the flirting and liberating world of swinging, she finally entered the scene in 2010.

Sheena Ryder may have been in the industry for a while now, but she’s still sought-after by many (well, aside from her beauty, it must be that ass). In the past years, she has worked for EvilAngel, Elegant Angel, BoundGangbangs, BangBros, and Smash Pictures, to mention a few. One of the notable collaborations is the one with Donnie Rock wherein she speaks nasty dialogues as she shoves Donnie’s enormous cock deep into her tight hole.

Donnie the funny guy pornstar

Donnie Rock

I’ve never checked any male adult actor’s IG before. But out of curiosity, I checked Donnie’s, and since then, his Instagram page has been living in my mind rent-free. I was expecting CK ad-like photos but I found his goofy side, instead. I shit you not, this guy got humor and loves memes. You won’t even notice that he could actually knock you out– both in-ring and bed.

Wrestling thrilled Donnie once, but it was not in his long-term goals. Before entering the adult entertainment industry, Donnie was an all-star, a college Division 1 champion, and even a contender on the world scene as a skilled brawler.

Coming from the east coast, he traveled to Colorado and worked there as a ski instructor then later established his property management company. What’s even more admirable is that Donnie is more than his cute face, robust body, and big cock; he also owns a degree in Geology.

Sheena Ryder and Donnie Rock in hardcore anal scene

Sheena Ryder and Donnie Rock truly have good chemistry!.

Sheena seems subservient in her plague suit, goggles, and gloves in the film, but beneath she’s costumed like a promiscuous whore.Because of their oozing charisma and sensuality, you can never get enough of this combination.

Place Sheena and Donny a room, and you’re certain to see the wildest intercourse a pair has ever had on camera. So, if you want stunning large booty MILFS paired with a hot DILF, Sheena and Donnie’s lovemaking session will satisfy you!

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