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Maddy May: A Badass Caucasian Princess

Maddy May: A Badass Caucasian Princess

White chicks are abundant in the adult world. And one of my favorites is Maddy May. She got this mesmerizing beauty that’d make you feel like you’re living your wet dream!

Are you a huge fan of the porn biz? If you are, then you might have noticed that it’s full of beautiful Caucasian babes. I guess one of the reasons for that is the fact that lots of porn production studios are based in the US. 

Many gentlemen worldwide have a thing for fair-skinned chicks. So, maybe it’d be fitting to introduce you to one of the hottest and sexiest white vixens in the industry today. 

Perhaps some of you see snow-white bombshells regularly, especially if you’re living in the colder regions. 

Well, I always see them too. However, that doesn’t mean my interest in them has flickered down. In fact, I was even crazier about them. I wanna have a taste if only I could. If that happens, I’d make sure to give them the best sex of their life. 

These days, some people might consider milky complexions poor or geeky because they’re staying indoors most of the time and don’t have enough money to go on a summer vacation. You know, to get some natural tan. 

But did you know that back then that’s not the case? Yes, that’s right — it’s actually quite the opposite. 

People with lighter complexions were considered to be part of royal families. So every time you see individuals with fair skin, they can be aristocrats, queens, princesses, or kings. 

Darker skin can only be seen on the poor back in the days. That’s because they have to work all day under the heat of the sun. 

In history, some royalties risked their health by going through bleaching processes to achieve whiter skin. It’s society’s standard, and they want to fit in no matter what. 

So, I hope you liked our little history lesson. Hmm… I think I got something you’d like even more. 

Maddy May Bio

Wait, not so fast! Let’s get to know Maddy first.

  • Born: December 22, 1993
  • Birthplace: somewhere in America
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 5’1” (159 cm)
  • Bra Size: 34DD

Maddy May’s personal life

Maddy was born in 1993, precisely on the 2nd of December in the United States. The exact city she was born in is still unknown. 

If you’re interested in astrological stuff, then you might want to know her star sign, which is Capricorn. 

Maddy calls herself the “Little Weed Princess.” And it seems like our Caucasian babe loves the magical effects of weed. 

She’s a small girl who’s 5’1” tall and weighs only 112 lbs. You might want to be extra careful because she might make you drool all over your sheets at the sight of her wonderful bod. 

Her figure measures 34DD-24-36 — holy moly, what huge bazooms she got! I can only imagine how they’d be bouncing up and down while she’s being fucked in front of the camera. 

But I think it might be best if we don’t ogle at her breasts for too long. I heard that it can hypnotize you and bring you to a euphoric state where all you’d want is to suck her nipples all day long. That’s not so bad, right?

I guess the only problem is, we can’t be with Maddy — you know, in the flesh. For now, all we can do is masturbate on her vids. 

Perhaps it’s also worth mentioning her titties were enhanced. And man, they looked so freaking delectable. I can play with those artificial boobies till she begs me to stop. 

What I really like about Maddy are her mesmerizing hazel eyes. When she’s sucking her on-screen partner’s dick on cam, I have the habit of looking intently into her eyes. It makes me feel like I’m with her physically and like I’m on the receiving end — ohh!

It’s pretty to recognize her in a porn video as she got numerous tattoos on her tiny frame. She got one on her back, one above her right breast, and one on her right leg. 

Maddy is one of those pornstars who have been showing their love and fascination for body art. Aside from having tattoos, she also got nipple piercings. Maybe it’s for the boys. So they can have something to play with while making out with her — or maybe just for the aesthetics. 

Maddy May’s adult filming career

Maddy is considered fresh meat in the biz. But that doesn’t mean she’s not as amazing as the others. With her skills, she was able to attract a considerable following. 

Dudes who check out her films are charmed by her unique features and curvy figure. 

Do you want to learn more about this Caucasian hottie? Well, the first place you might want to visit are her social media profiles. You can start with her Twitter account as she’s most active on that platform. 

So far, Maddy has more than 12,000 followers. And that’s quite a number for a newcomer like her, don’t you think? 

As of this writing, she’s represented by Motley Models. Thanks to this agency for helping our goddess achieve her dream of becoming a professional pornstar. 

I guess it’s safe to say we can expect more hardcore stuff from Maddy. I mean, her agency would set her up on many exciting scenes. 

From what I’ve heard, she’s most interested in creating vids for the creampie, g/g, interracial, and of course, b/g niches. 

I even tried visiting her official PornHub profile and discovered many titillating films of her touching her luscious honeypot. She even got a wide collection of sex toys she uses to achieve satisfaction. 

Maddy May Sensuous Nudes

Well, who would even say no to delish and fap-worthy nudes of this vixen. Oh, please — keep it cumming!

Maddy May on Social Media

Maddy May on Twitter

Maddy May on OnlyFans

Here’s my final say

It looks like it’s going to be an orgasmic night. Enjoy!

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