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Imagine Your Own Erotic Threesome With Chloe Cherry and Ryder Rey

Imagine Your Own Erotic Threesome With Chloe Cherry and Ryder Rey

Picture this. You’re home alone, bored as hell. Suddenly, you hear loud knocks from the door as if there’s an emergency you need to attend to. You drag your feet to answer the door and find Chloe Cherry and Ryder Rey looking hot and horny, begging you to make them feel good. Wait, they want me to make them feel good? Am I dreaming? No. They really want you. Right now.

You open your mouth to answer, but your voice disappears. You can only nod your head in agreement. If it’s sex they want, I’ll give them sex. They force themselves inside your home, and they end up leading you to your room.

What happens next?

Chloe Cherry and Ryder Rey Loves a Threesome With You, But They Want Some Lesbian Action First

Chloe Cherry

Chloe Cherry is a petite blonde girl who looks as if she just graduated high school. She’s younger than she looks, but in reality, she is already 23 years old and has already starred in many amateur and professional sex scenes.

The mood in your room is getting hotter by the second. She looks at you with her sweet doe eyes, as if begging you to undress her. You start to make a move, but she stops you and kisses her beautiful female friend first. They makeout in front of you and you can’t help but take out your dick and stroke it in delight.

Chloe Cherry

Once they’re done, they pose seductively on the bed, obviously luring you in. Your eyes land on Chloe’s companion, Ryder Rey. She is another equally hot babe that you can’t resist. You’ve already seen her in various porn films from Evil Angel, Tushy, Elegant Angel. And you can’t help but think how hot she was in those scenes.

Ryder Rey

You take a gulp as she shows you her sexy figure and beautiful ass. Her hole doesn’t seem something you’d want to pull out from. She switches her position so she’s kneeling in front of you.

She’s going to give you a slow but hot blowjob. You just know it. She gives you a sweet smile before eating your cock oh-so-deliciously. You groan in delight. It feels so good.

While you’re moaning in pleasure, Chloe catches your eye and decides to show you how it should be done. If Ryder gave you a slow, agonizing, and extremely sensual blowjob, she wants you to fuck her mouth real hard nonstop.

You’re hesitant at first, but you feel how good it is and how erotic her face is. You just can’t stop.

After a while, they take turns riding your dick. Their stamina seems to have no limit and they alternate fucking you and fucking each other. This is not just your lesbian dream. It’s your threesome fantasy!

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