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Beeg Review

Are you looking for something new? What we mean is, something refreshing when it comes to adult sites. If you are, then you should check out Beeg because they don’t offer porn videos the way others do. Their display and design are very minimalistic in nature which means that they got rid of other things that are not necessary for watching erotic clips on the internet.

Once you visit Beeg, you’ll notice that their materials are showcased through thumbnails and they’re pretty awesome to look at. If you spot something that makes your body tingle, you can click on it and it’ll prompt you to an option to play the scene. 

Although the thumbnail idea is very innovative, there could still be disadvantages. For example, you may see a thumbnail that displays two ladies. You’ll quickly click it expecting that it is lesbian porn, but once the flick starts playing, you discover that it’s actually a threesome. Adding labels could surely be a big help, but that’s what separates Beeg from the rest – porn with no labels. 

Well, even though you’re not sure what to expect for every thumbnail you click, it’s most likely that you’ll enjoy every video you watch. Beeg makes sure that they only upload high-quality content so that every click you make is worth it. 

What makes Beeg stand out?

The greatest stuff that Beeg can brag about is all their videos are in HD and are lengthy as well. Each video on the website is sponsored by a paysite which means that you’ll see links that can direct you to the source of the clip. Through that, you will have an option to continue watching the full scene if you want. 

The average flick length on Beeg is 10 minutes and they’ll only show you the best parts. Unlike other websites that will only show you the intro and none of the intense and erotic bits of the video. 

Moreover, each clip comes with a description that will give you a clue about what you’ll be watching. You should control yourself not to cum just by reading the short information about the video. Aside from that, you can also see the names of the porn actors and actresses if it’s a professional flick. 

Take note that once you click on a thumbnail, it will automatically play. It might catch you off guard but that’s not something to worry about. It’s all good, we just want to give you a heads up especially if it’s your first time to visit the website. You can skip whenever you want to and you’ll love the thumbnail preview option that allows you to have a peek of the scene to decide if it pleases you or not.

Numbers… numbers… numbers…

It’s true that Beeg can’t be compared to other tube sites that offer large quantities of content, but their numbers are not something to underestimate. In fact, there are 46,000 videos in total that are proportionally distributed on 59 pages. It means that each page contains 130 clips. You need to be patient in scrolling until the end of the pages to find your perfect jerk-off content. 

Beeg can even allow you to search by physical categories. In the shaved section, there are 7,452 videos, Russian porn has 1,094, and perfect ass videos have 3,051. If you are interested in skinny chicks, you can choose from more than 7,821 videos. Do tanned babes turn you on? Well, no worries, as there are 2,366 videos of them. Do you have fetishes like a panty fetish? In Beeg, you can check out 1,365 clips related to panties.

There are more sites that are way bigger than this one, but Beeg should be commended for the number of videos that they already have since they’re quite new to the industry. 

Beeg Navigation

On the site, you can see a small area that displays tags. That feature allows you to find specific scenes based on several criteria. You can use the hashtags to easily find the porn categories that you want. Some tags you can choose from are 18-year-olds, the 20s, 30s, 40s, and more. They even have GILF’s flicks and you can explore them by clicking the 60s hashtag.

Aside from the search box and the tags, there are no available search options at the moment. However, with the minimalistic design, they’re doing just fine.

If you love straightforward tube sites, then Beeg is absolutely your go-to website. Their archive is awesome and you’ll eventually get used to the refreshing design.

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