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Arousr Sex Chat Review

Are you tired of being ignored by your favorite cam girl whenever she does her live cam shows? Do you want to have someone who would focus on your sexual needs and only your needs? In, you don’t have to share another girl with some other stranger again.

Arousr is an adult chat website that lets you talk, meet, and have sex chats with Arousr girls from all over the world. These girls, also called Arousr sex chat hosts, are guaranteed to be 18+ years of age. Arousr verifies them through their IDs and other credentials that would prove that they are willing and able adults who consent on having sexy phone chats with strangers like you. It means that there is no chance that you end up sexting with underage girls or someone who is not consenting to any sexual activity.

To get started with your Arousr sex chat, you only need your phone number. Yes, you are not required to polish your profile just so someone could notice you and have a chat with you. On the other hand, you are the one who should initiate conversations with their hosts if you want to avail of their sex chat service.

Worried about your phone number getting hacked? Arousr gets you covered! This chat website does not show your personal info to anyone, including the Arousr girls, unless you consent to it. Moreover, Arousr sex chat hosts are only allowed to receive texts and calls, so they are not required to see your name, address, or even your phone number at any given point.

After completing your registration, you can now browse their selection of Arousr sex chat hosts until you find the girl you like. Each one of these women underwent a grueling hiring process. The site ensures that these ladies are clean, willing, and very good at entertaining horny men like you. In addition, they are downright horny and are willing to indulge in any of their sextmate’s sexual fantasies, kinks, and fetishes. Are you into roleplaying? Do you find it sexy when a woman is dominating you? Whatever your personal sexual fantasy is, there is surely an Arousr girl that can fulfill it for you.

Once you meet your desired chat host, it’s time to start sexting! You can start off with basic introductory questions to keep the ball rolling. Or, if you want to get to the action right away, just say so. In order to proceed, however, you have to have credits banked in your profile. Upon registering, you have free 100 credits you can use to start sexting with your first Arousr sex chat host. Once it runs out, you are free to purchase more via credit card or Paypal to continue the conversation.

Of course, since it is a chat website catering to those who have the sexting fantasy, they have a mobile app available both for Android and iOS users. In the same way as the website, you can register or just log in using your phone number. Then, go and visit your favorite Arousr sex chat host, save her phone number, and swap horny messages and nude selfies all you want!

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