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3Movs Review

Well, here’s a nice mobile porn site for you. Let’s talk about 3Movs here!

Porn is a very tough saturated competition so it’s best that there are people like me who have a lot of time and a lot of things to say for every platform. Mind you, this adult entertainment site that sounds like “three moves” has its own following.

Why did I classify this as a mobile porn site? Well, hear me out!

3Movs: An HD Fuck Gallery!

I’ve noticed this the moment I landed on 3Movs. It seems like it has maintained its following since starting in the game in 2004. You are sure as fuck can guarantee that it has witnessed the evolution of the industry!

I liked how particular the site is with making sure the videos are presented in the highest quality. the last thing you would want is low-res content when you’re fapping unless it’s a celebrity scandal caught on CCTV.

Straightforward as it gets

What you see is what you get according to the site’s motto. That means if you see a thumbnail of anal sex, that only means you’re going to get such once you click through!

That said, I picked a video with a MILF and see if it’s actually what I’m going to get. It’s what met me on the other end of the screen. Some hot taboo sex caught on tape! Oh, I love the stepmom fetish!

3Movs is an aggregator site which means you’re bound to get a ton of porn vids across plenty of platforms. At least this one was labeled spot on to make sure you don’t waste that precious screentime of yours.

Daily updates

Since it’s an aggregate site, you can expect tons to be uploaded to the site every day. That means you’re getting around a ballpark of 20 to 50 videos each day!

You can actually filter everything from the categgories to the pornstars involved. If there’s something buzzing about a certain someone, you sure as hell can count on 3Movs to update!

Even its bios get updated every day. That’s more than a decade worth of material that needs to be described and the site is one for it!

The 3Movs experience

It’s time I talk about my experience with the porn on the site. First, was the social media feel to it which I pretty much liked which is why I called it a mobile porn site.

Another good quality the site has is in the picture resolution itself. One downside however is that most of the videos are around two or three minutes long only. That’s something already if you want to sneak in a quick fap wherever.

While some of you won’t find the fun in that, I sure as hell guarantee you that you’re going to have fun going around this place!

Final thoughts

I think the site was named such because it’s more of a short vid site. Or maybe it takes “3 movs” for you to get off? It doesn’t matter. To me, it’s something I would take to my office restroom and go out a fresher individual.

Also, beware of the ads! It’s bad enough that the videos are short but the ads kind of saturate the whole experience. It’s like watching an Asian TV show where each episode is 12 minutes worth of material and 18 minutes worth of commercials.

Their saving grace has got to be the HD content they have. I just wish they gave a little more because not all are cheapskates. I for one am willing to pay!

Pros vs Cons

  • Mobile friendly
  • Tons of good porn
  • Old-school glory feel
  • Needs more homegrown content
  • Can invest in upgrading site

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