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YesPornPlease Review

It’s tough to say no to good porn. That’s probably why this site is named YesPornPlease— just one glance throughout the website and you know that this is the place to go for full-length, premium content. Here’s what you can expect from this website.

Landing Page & Navigation

Admittedly, the landing page is quite plain and it was clearly built to follow an intuitive design. All you need to do is scroll until you find the right video for your personal needs. At the top right portion of the landing page, you can choose to browse the videos according to the top subscriptions at the moment, or by categories.

There’s not a lot to say in terms of the color scheme; the site follows a minimalist black, pink, and white theme across the website. It’s a familiar setup in other websites that showcase pornographic content.

It’s not a lot to look at—all throughout, YesPornPlease is a no-nonsense website, with a landing page that focuses on showcasing the hottest videos by default (although you can also sort it according to the newest, the top-rated, the most viewed, and by random).


In terms of variety, YesPornPlease does not cover a lot of niche industry content. This may not be the site for you if you’re into hardcore BDSM or vintage—at the time of writing, it offers over sixteen thousand videos in HD content. This is in contrast to twenty-seven sex tapes, fifty-two retro videos, and eighty-two hardcore videos. If you’re looking for variety or something that caters to an ultra-specific fetish, then YesPornPlease is not the best destination for your needs.

In this tube’s defense, I’ve noticed that a significant portion of their content is created by professionals. This says a lot for the site’s curating capabilities; there are thousands of full-length videos from tons of top producers in the porn industry for you to look through. And the best part of the website is that all of these videos are free; you do not have to become a member, or even sign up for an account to access their treasure trove of HD pornography.

What do videos look like on YesPornPlease? Once you choose a video, you immediately get directed to the viewing page—no pop-up ads or significant loading intervals. By default, your content will start loading in 720 pixels; but if you don’t have a stable internet connection, you can also load the video in 360 and 480 pixels.

One disadvantage to the website is that all throughout your experience so far, there’s been a distinct lack of advertisements that badger as you browse. That’s because they’re built into the videos themselves. Also, there’s no telling how many ads you’ll be exposed to throughout the video; there were some that only stopped the video for one ad, but there were also others that handed out three to four as it played. To my observations, there was no correlation between the length of video, producer, or category and the number of advertisements. They appeared to be truly randomized.

Mobile vs. PC experience

There’s not much of a difference between the mobile site and its desktop site. As I scrolled through YesPornPlease on both mediums, I was pleased to note that there was a distinct lack of invasive pop-up ads. Most ads were neatly sorted to the right side of the page when I clicked on a video, or in the case of the mobile experience, immediately under the video itself.


One question that stayed with me as I looked through the website was this: if all this great HD content was free, then what was the point of signing up for an account? YesPornPlease offers a number of small perks to their members: you can subscribe to feeds, create playlists, and interact with the on-site community. Overall, however, these aspects are not necessary for a great viewing experience. If you are the kind of person who prioritizes following a select number of producers or revisiting a handful of videos, then these are important features for you. Otherwise, there is nothing much that compelled me to sign up for an account.

Final Verdict

Overall, YesPornPlease isn’t exactly a groundbreaking new website in the porn industry. The look and feel of this website is a little generic and you don’t have a lot of content to scroll through.

However, it makes up for its shortcomings by providing HD videos and minimizing the number of ads that you have to scroll through as you are navigating the website. It’s not doing anything new, but it’s definitely got the staples of a good surfing experience down.

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