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TotalWebcam Review

When it comes to adult entertainment, you have to admit that webcam sites are running the show now. They are giving people what they truly lacked in adult entertainment and that is engaging content. It is more interesting to get engaged with a live model than watching a pre-recorded porn video. That is why if you want the best adult entertainment, then you have to be at a webcam site.
Now, if you search for the best cam site, you will get plenty of options. Some of them are good and some are not worth visiting again. So, during the quest of finding the best cam site, there was one site that matched all the criteria. Yes, the name of the site is TotalWebcam. Once you go to this site, you will be amazed at how good the site is. But, you will still have your doubts. When you are going to an adult webcam site, you will be spending your hard-earned cash on your favorite models. That is why you want to be sure whether you should spend your time on that site or not. So, to make your decision a lot easier, here is a detailed review of TotalWebcam.

What Makes TotalWebcam the Best Cam Site?

First Impression: The Homepage

When you go to a site, within a few moments, you end up deciding whether you should spend more time here or not. That is why the design of the homepage and the user interface of a site are very important. They should hook you up to the site within a few moments.
The design of TotalWebcam is very simple. You will not see anything out of the blue here. But, what you will like is even after the simple design, the site looks attractive. The thumbnails of the shows of the models on the homepage are organized very nicely.

Also, even if you hover on any of the thumbnails of the shows, you will get a preview of what you can expect during the show. This is what makes TotalWebcam so different. So, when you see the preview, you will have an easy decision to make as to whether you should join the show or not.
Apart from that, you can easily find out whether the show is free or private by noticing the bottom left corner of each thumbnail. This will make your work much easier. That is why the first impression of the site was very impressive and you will be interested to know what’s in store for you after that.

Header Section: 3 Important Options

You would want to see the shows of models according to your sexual preferences. That is why if you see the header section of TotalWebcam, you will see three very important sections; Women, Men, and Trans. Now, you might think that this is a very basic thing.
But, you know what, many self-proclaimed best cam sites forget about these simple things. However, TotalWebcam didn’t forget about it. So, it shows that the site is built meticulously by keeping in mind what a visitor would want to see. That is also very impressive as well.

The Categories: Making Things Easier

When it comes to adult entertainment, everyone has different preferences as far as the category goes. So, when you see the left side of the homepage, you will see many such categories that will intrigue you. Also, on the right side of the category, you will see the number of models active on it.
Now, TotalWebcam took things to the next level through this category section. When you check out most of the sites, they will have the same categories for Men, Women, and Trans models. However, at TotalWebcam, you will find different categories for different genders.
Apart from that, if you go to the bottom left of the categories, you will find the ‘More’ option. By clicking on it, you will find many more categories. Also, in that option, you will find a search bar. So, you can search for any model by the nickname or description of the model.
Now, you will hardly see a webcam site that will give you such a large number of different categories for each gender. That is where TotalWebcam has hit a home run and there is no doubt that they are the best cam site right now hands down.

The Models: Main Attraction

On any cam site, models are the main attraction. If you like a model, you will come back to watch her shows again and again and shower the model with credits. That is the way you show appreciation on a webcam site. Truth be told, TotalWebcam has some very hot models.
Also, when you go to a show, the interface is very easy and you can enjoy what the model is doing on the screen while chatting with her and also giving her credits. Many of the shows are in HD and therefore, you will surely have great fun while interacting with these hot models.
Now, if you want to see the top models on the site, you can find them even on the homepage. On the thumbnail of the best models, you will see a ‘Top’ sign. So, you will understand easily which models are the bests and if you want to see the newer ones, you will similarly find them.

TotalWebcam Review in a Nutshell


  • Amazing homepage design
  • A large number of different categories
  • So many amazing models
  • Most shows are in HD
  • Easy to find the best models


  • Couldn’t find any.

The Final Verdict

Finally, TotalWebcam is an amazing cam site and it is hard to find anything negative about this site. Undoubtedly, TotalWebcam is the best webcam site that you will find right now. The site is a complete package where you will surely find the best and the most engaging live webcam shows for your adult entertainment.

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