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PornMD Review

It’s 2020 and in line with all the festivities surrounding the new year and the new decade, maybe you’re interested in trying something new. However, how can you find what you’re looking for in all the digital noise? That’s what PornMD was made for. It’s the prime search engine for all things related to the porn industry, operated by some of the biggest players in the industry itself. 


How does PornMD perform in terms of compiling your search results? A few indications of a successful search engine include meeting the following criteria:

There is minimal to no duplication of content. Given that some sites may have copies of a certain video across the board, any search engine for the porn industry should make it a priority to filter such duplicates in a way that does not impact the integrity of your search.

The search engine can fetch results from all over the internet. Its main function is to consolidate important sources of information according to the terms that have been keyed in, so variety in search results is important.

The search results are up to date. There are no broken links or websites that have been closed down in the results.

When it comes to the first criterion, I was pleased to note that PornMD was capable of getting back to me with a wide array of search results. When I searched for hentai, it showed different coherent results across several websites and not just answers that capitalized on using my keyword for SEO. This is an indication that the search engine is reliable because it is intelligent enough to filter out deceptive content.

The second feature is a 50-50 for me because as it turns out, PornMD only indexes content from across the PornHub network. You definitely won’t run out of pornography to browse through here, but it may not be the most efficient search engine to use if you’re looking for any niche or hidden content.

Finally, PornMD is satisfactory in terms of the last criterion. Clicking through the first fifteen links to roleplay content immediately redirected me to online websites and functional content. 

Search Filters

Right at the landing page, you can clarify whether you are searching for homosexual, heterosexual, or transsexual content. It’s a convenient way to narrow down what you’re searching for immediately, based on your personal sexual preference.

As an industry-specific search engine, I noted that it was equipped with a variety of comprehensive filters to help you pinpoint your results. When it comes to videos, you can adjust what is being offered to you according to the length of the video, the date it was uploaded, its source, and how far in HD it can go. These filters are neatly arranged on the left side of the screen.

Finally, PornMD also provides related search results. Going back to the example of searching for hentai, I also received prompts to search for cartoons, 3D, and more. This way, you can seamlessly branch out into other searches that you are interested in as well.


In terms of interface, PornMD is built with a clutter-free design, showing only the features of a search engine that is relevant to its industry. Beyond that, you can also try out the random search option if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

At the search results page, one accessory I appreciated was the option they provided for infinite scrolling. It can feel frustrating to have to click through a number of pages just to find the right visuals; knowing that you can just choose to continue receiving results for an indefinite period of time as you are scrolling down.

I encountered a few pop-up ads here and there, which were a little annoying but not a complete dealbreaker to the experience of using this search engine.


Given that most porn sites are designed to showcase their wide selection of content even before you begin browsing, it’s natural to still ask ourselves: do we really need a search engine in the first place?

In my experience, yes. Because browsing through websites can be repetitive and sometimes the experience of looking through options for your personal leisure can also be as exciting as consuming the content. The porn industry is enormous and there’s only so much that you can take in from one site, so use this to diversify your search.

PornMD is so trusted and widely used that it’s gathered enough data to break down the entire world’s preferences for porn, according to country. If anything, this is a testimony to its capacity to provide quality content at your convenience.


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