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MyPornGay Review

There are a shit ton of porn aggregators out there, may it be for cis male, cis female, lesbians, and gay guys. But not all of them are as well-organized as a library.

I find it ironic when porn aggregators appear to be messy–I mean, what’s the purpose of a porn aggregator? To make finding the perfect porn easier, right?

However, when I think about it, some people may find it harder to look for porn using a directory cause there are sites that must not be named that happens to post a petty amount of tags. And that bombards the visitors.

Here on MyPornGay, it’s making our lives easier with its direct-to-the-point categories and selections.

Welcome to MyPornGay

MyPornGay really said, “skip the talking and let’s get to the point”. Upon clicking enter on my browser, it greeted me with nothing but the main content. There was no lobby, not even a confirmation for the visitor’s age.

My eyes were also pleased with the complementing colors they used; it was a mix of dark and light purple that went well with their rainbow logo that signifies the community. (For some reason, this reminded me of RuPaul’s Drag Race; probably because of the colorway).

The site is neat. Aside from that, it’s free from ads, it only took me one scroll to get to the bottom. Categories are divided into 25 sections; from gay porn tubes to social networks, to dating sites, to gay hentai, and even gay magazines!

They presented everything without talking too much, and surely that many of you will enjoy browsing this page. It’s basically a place where you can find good gay sites because they just want to make the world better!

Membership and experience

MyPornGay is totally free, but if you’re generous enough to spend on your sexual pleasures, you may check the “Best Gay Paid Porn Sites” section. They have a good list there that you may check.

After initially checking the lading page, I took my time to take a look at the lists. I noticed that under the Best Gay Porn Tube category, there are some sites that aren’t exclusive for gay, and they are actually placed at the topmost area of that column.

I also noticed from the other categories that they are offering other websites that aren’t exclusively made for gays, so that confused me a little because when you look at MyPornGay’s webpage, it looks very gay. But whatever. Let’s just get the most out of this site, besides, it’s only a small percent of the webpage.

I also noticed that what made MyPornGay so precise is that it doesn’t have specific tags. It offers six genres, particularly twink, daddy, black, BDSM, amateur, and bareback, and they are also arranged in categories.

Final thoughts on MyPornGay

This site is actually good (4.5 out of 5). I would definitely recommend it to my gay friends. The range of sites is just enough, however, I think they’re open to submissions and recommendations from outsiders in order to grow the site.

But in my opinion, I think it would be better for them to keep their site that way, or the amount of the webpages that they feature because it doesn’t look overloaded to one’s eyes and that would convince their visitors to visit more often because it’s easy to explore.

You won’t find a straight heterosexual guy browsing MyPornGay except if he’s recommending one to his gay colleague at work. Well, I say maybe it’s more of the females who browse through the list here and see for themselves what hot fag would spice up their night.

Mind you, all things are possible If the gay dudes can break science barriers, you can consider the same for MyPornGay in terms of adult entertainment.

Pros vs Cons

  • Great list of gay sites
  • Specified niche
  • Tons of upside
  • None so far

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