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MyFreeCams Review

What’s the best way to fall asleep faster? Well, if you ask me, I might tell you that jerking off is the perfect way to get a sound sleep every night. 

However, you might not be able to achieve that without some help. You can watch porno, browse x-rated magazines, or ogle at webcam babes doing their thing on camera. For me, I prefer the latter as it never fails to make me cum hard every time. 

So recently, I was browsing through the Web when I stumbled upon a camming platform called MyFreeCams. It’s one of the largest live-streaming sites out there that can give you value for your money. 

What I really like about this website is it’s 100% focused on mouth-watering chicks between the ages of 18 and 30. That only means, you won’t see any couple, guys, or trans encounters here. The bombshells on MFC are doing what they do best which is stripping off their clothes to make their viewers happy and sexually satisfied. 

Aside from being a female-centered platform, most of MyFreeCams’ features and content are for free. You don’t have to spend a dime if you don’t want to. So yeah, this is ideal for people who are on a tight budget but still want to have fun. But of course, it’s still nice to give the performers some tips now and then as some of them rely on those to pay their college tuition. If you give tips, you’ll not only enjoy a steamy night of virtual sex but also help a young lady reach her dreams. 

MyFreeCams homepage analysis

Upon entering MyFreeCams or MFC, you might not be able to see the girls just yet. That’s because you might need to verify first if you’re over 18. But don’t fret, dude. It’s not like the site is going to ask you for proof. In fact, you can even lie about it. Just click on the “I am over 18” button and get the fun started. 

However, I’m not sure if that can keep 16-year-olds from exploring the site. Well, at least they made an effort to warn those minors from entering their x-rated platform. It’s up to those kids if they’ll listen.

Going back, after clicking continue, you’ll be welcomed by hundreds of the hottest cam stars on the internet. And dude, I was shocked when I knew about its number of models. I mean, the number was staggering. It was like I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

During my last visit, there were a total of 1,7000 active webcam gals. In my experience, I think that’s the biggest number of cam babes who are online at the same time. 

But I guess that’s no surprise as MyFreeCams is a lush paradise of bombastic women who are ready to please that random guy who cums their way. 

MyFreeCams girls are freaking hot

I can’t help but notice the models here are jaw-dropping. Seriously, they don’t look like someone who I’d only want to have some one-night stand with because they’re more than that. Their beauties are mesmerizing that I couldn’t resist their charms. Kudos to the MyFreeCams team for carefully choosing their performers. I might have seen a few average beauties but overall, they’re all stunning. 

Another thing that I like about this site is most of the stars are American. If you ask me, I think this is something rare. I’ve been to other places on the Web before, and the majority of their girls came from East Europe or South America. Yes, sure, there were American girls but only a small number.

Wait… don’t get me wrong, man. Just because I’m happy to know there are many American models on MyFreeCams doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching Euro babes get naked on cam. I love them too. It’s just that most visitors of camming platforms are Americans so it’s a good thing that MFC offers American meat. If you’re an American, you’d prolly want to get kinky with a chick who you’d most likely bump into in real life. 

MyFreeCams has a massive collection of girls

Do you want to know what’s the downside of having too many cam babes to choose from? It’s having too many cam hotties to choose from. Being offered loads of choices is awesome but it can also give you problems. 

It can be challenging to choose which one can give you one hell of a show without draining your wallet dry. That said, you might end up going on a click marathon (which is a total waste of time) before you finally find your “the one”. 

If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on MFC, then you might have to be patient enough in finding free live shows that can make your dick pumping with excitement. 

Things might have been easier if only MyFreeCams has added a preview feature on their thumbnails. You know, like other adult entertainment places online. You just hover your mouse over a screengrab to see what it has in store for you. That way, you won’t need to check out each live video and break the bank during the process. Unfortunately, the MFC team hasn’t thought of that. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they might add this option in the near future. 

Also, you’re not allowed to enter rooms in a new tab. That means it can be hard to switch between shows. I know some girls like to tease before starting the main show, so I always watch other performances while waiting. Sadly, MFC restricts its user from opening a new tab to view a live stream. 

Here’s my final say

All in all, MyFreeCams is a great cam site. It has some of the hottest webcam girls in the industry so you can expect to have your well-deserved fun once you decide to visit. 

Some features could use some improvement. There’s no such thing as a perfect adult entertainment site, so I understand the imperfection. What’s important is, MFC can give us what we truly need which are saucy bodies to jack off on!

Pros vs Cons

  • Lack of ads
  • Allows resizing of video screen
  • Models list can be customized
  • Higher cost compared to other websites
  • Inability to chat as a guest
  • Lack of interactive features

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