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Milfzr Review

Lusting after a family member is taboo, but here at Milfzr, you’ve been teased a safe and great place to indulge in your desires!

Milfzr is a pornographic website dedicated entirely to incest. Nothing is forbidden: cousins, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, and uncles. It’s incorrect, but it feels fantastic. It’s illegal, taboo, strange, and incredibly fucking kinky.

All of the videos on this page have been hand-selected to be the finest of the greatest incest porn. Unlike on other sites, where the video’s “incest” status is only determined by its title and actors’ physical attributes, Milfzr’s videos includes plenty of raunchy dialogue with matching realistic portrayal.

Landing on the website

The home page is essentially what you’d anticipate. It’s a straightforward design with thumbnails for their most recent videos. The webpage is just too bright cause of the all-white background. You may arrange the videos by views, likes, and comments, or opt for a random pick. After you’ve sorted it any way you like, each thumbnail displays the video’s amount of views, comments, and likes.

This one is disliked by many: all of the thumbnails are still photos, you won’t be able to sneak a peek without committing to a video. Plus, there is no way to see the video duration or if it will be in HD or not. So yes, you will never know if you’ll be served porn or Minecraft characters at this point.

To filter it down, they offer a categories option at the top. Mom Son Porn, Brother Sister Porn, Dad Daughter Porn, Mother-Daughter Porn, and All in Family have their own tabs. If you’re looking for something other than plain old incest, go to the tags page and search for terms like “amateur,” “thick thighs,” or “huge tits.”

My Milfzr experience

If you wish to download or comment on these videos, you may create an account here. It’s free; there’s no membership fee or anything like that, but I wouldn’t trust any downloads from this site.

Visiting this site is dangerous as fuck. You’ll need a high-performing AdBlock if you don’t want your dear computer to get infected with some shitty virus. To give you a clue on how shitty the ads are here in this site, there is a lot of banner advertising, IM messenger pop-up commercials, and auto-play video ads that don’t stop playing.

If you try to shut any of them, it will just start a new tab and refresh the advertisements, as well as link you to another suspicious website. If you’re not as techie as the others, I’m so sorry but you need to steer away from this site.

How about the video experience?

There are video commercials that play before each porn. Before you can even try to click the video, two or more will generally start playing. When you click through, you get even more tabs open and more nonsense. It’s like a minefield with no gems underneath. This website is infested with the possibility of malware.

But mind you, those are only for PC. The phone experience is way worse. The mobile UI isn’t very properly scaled. It doesn’t make it any more difficult to use, but the menus stretch out a little and seem a little goofy.

Ads on mobile are exactly as bad as they are on desktop. I tried not to click too much in this section, but I did enough to see if the videos functioned. There aren’t any issues. Everything loads, although slowly, but after you get through the damn commercials, it’ll be fine. But I pray that your phones are protected, as well.

Final Thoughts

Milfzr’s site isn’t very unique in terms of design or layout. Their unique material may give them attractive categories, but that’s no reason to rejoice. It could be done much more effectively. Other incest porn sites have done a far better job of it.

The only thing the website has going for it is its content. They feature a lot of incest nonsense that you won’t find anywhere else, or at least I haven’t seen most of the movies, models, or scenarios on other sites like this. Just because something is unique doesn’t imply it’s the greatest.


Pros vs Cons

  • Good taboo content
  • Regular updates
  • Simple layout
  • lack of mobile optimization
  • Vids can use more details

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