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ImLive Review

If you’re looking for the sluttier side of things, you might have just come to the right place with ImLive!

The platform seems like it’s a cheap site but mind you, despite seeming like it lagged from the growth of the age of the internet, you’re still going to get access to content that you may or may not find elsewhere on the internet!

How about the part where if you want some old-school human interaction, this is the place to get the best out of it? Well, at least part of it.

Let me be the one to welcome you to!

Surviving the years

You can say that ImLive has weathered the storm. Some even choose the platform just because it’s already a living legend in the world of adult cams. Even the models themselves want to be a piece of the action here as you are given thousands of adult entertainers to choose from.

If only porn wasn’t the first thing introduced to me, I would have chosen this sex cam site when I started watching porn more than a decade ago. That makes us both newbies in the industry where we could have grown up together into legends in adult entertainment.

Mind you, ImLive has already beaten some of the top cam sites in terms of membership. Who would have thought Loyalty is everything in this business?

A no-nonsense approach to adult cams

Despite how old the site looks, it’s no joke and it’s one of the OGs in the business. Do you want to know what else is good about this live cam site? They bring in a lot of serious coins that there are no fucking ads!

The layout may be updated but the cam girls on the platform? Fairly modern. Maybe if neat social media feeds didn’t influence decision-making online, there would be more cam models on this website.

How good are the cam models?

There’s a bunch of options including trannies and hairy pussies and all that unconventional stuff you’d want to see. That only means that the cam sites are hitting a bunch of niches.

Once you have picked the desired cam model, you will be taken to a sex video room where you are met by a standard webcam video, a chatbox, and buttons where you can send in your tips.

Do you want to know something else? The website has good mobile optimization for those live streams as well!

A bunch of other options

With 15 years’ worth of things to play around with, there’s a large selection of adult cam models which you will enjoy fapping to just like your favorite porn tube site. You can even make a game out of how many sex cams can you fap to in a day.

You can expect that the web team behind the scenes is working their but off for more than a decade to make sure that the old school makes the upsell on how good all the content here is!

How good is this live cam site?

One thing that is really worth mentioning is the fact that this live cam site is something you wish really did a better job keeping up with the times in terms of aesthetics. Word of mouth is probably what’s keeping it alive and that’s some old-school marketing shit!

I’m even glad about how they are keeping up. It’s definitely the #1 adult cam site when it comes to stuff such as live cams and any other spontaneous-related entertainment.

if they can beat out cam sites that offer 4K, Virtual Reality, and 360 points of view, then they must have some magical sexual electronic potion that’s keeping them sustainable.

Final words on ImLive

It’s safe to say that ImLive is pretty much the Nokia of online sex cams. It’s something we ought to try once we know what it’s about. In fact, there’s a bunch of other millennial whores who want to build some portfolio out of this!

If your cock wants a place to start when it comes to spontaneous spewing, maybe you ought to try ImLive and be one of the millions of OG dudes who stay loyal to this legendary sex cam platform!

Pros vs Cons

  • Withstood the test of time
  • Bunch of free vids
  • No excuse for outdated site design

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