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Comdotgame Review

Thousands of random browser games are available on!

It brings us back to the good old days of Newgrounds, Miniclip, or wherever you play those flash games because you’re too broke to buy a Pentium 4 computer or low-end video games for your Pentium 2 computer.

Comdotgame is another platform that you may play using Flash. Although they offer various games to play, this review will focus on Comdotgame’s adult area!

Blowjob and sex simulators, vagina simulators, filthy classrooms, adventure games, and more are among the games available. If you’ve ever played adult games on your browser, you’ll know what to anticipate.

Welcome to Comdotgame

When you initially access the adult part of Comdotgame, you’ll see a category bar at the top; you may click any among “search, featured, recent, popular, adult, forum, DZ, and Flash Help”.

The layout is somewhat plain. Underneath that category bar is a plain white background with a rectangular textbox with bland texts in it. Guess what that is for–it’s some kind of instruction on which to click, with a “welcome” greeting at the upper leftmost corner. Beneath that box are the featured comments of registered users. I don’t know why those are shown, I don’t think those comments are special in any way.

Scroll down and you’ll get to see some of the games presented in tiles and organized per category. I don’t understand why do they have to put the list of Top Games at the bottom part if they could switch it with the useless comment section.

I also noticed that the games here are damn mixed. This bitch will be confusing so many dicks. Like, you’ll see a Vag Simulator then the next thing you’ll see is some LittlePony shit. You’ll see a lot of CDG hentai, CGI, and cartoon visuals in terms of art styles, too, in terms of adult games.

Do I really need to sign up?

I don’t think a premium account exists on this site. But you can register by clicking the button on the upper right corner of the landing page. I guess that will give you the right to comment on how good or how shitty the game is. CDC also has a forum, which I checked, and turns out it looks like some Craigslist crap.

Deprived motherfuckers are posting shit here like “any age girls hmu 4358816927 (im straight male)”. This game site may contain childish stuff but please keep your minor siblings off CDC.

Playing through the site

Okay, enough with the rant. Let’s talk about the adult games now. Are they worthy of your hard dick or not? Well, there’s a lot of Rule 34 material in the games at Comdotgame. Some of the beloved franchises covered here are Princess Peach and Naruto. It’s all about seeing your favorite characters fuck and suck as they’ve never had sex in decades.

Adult games are divided into two categories: straight games and queer games. This is one of the few instances when the phrase “this game is gay” is literally taken.

The majority of the games are in Flash, however, Comdotgame offers an HTML games area on the main page. These are a little more lively and operate a little more smoothly. If you’re looking for an RPG experience, keep an eye out for the RPG Maker porn games.

Helpful hint: To view a list of the top adult games and categories, scroll all the way to the bottom. This is incredibly underappreciated, and it’s a travesty that Comdotgame doesn’t include these listings. The reason for this is that if you filter the games any other way, you’ll wind up screening the entire site rather than just the adult part.

Ad-wise, I’m pleased to report that Comdotgame maintains its advertisements brief.

Final thoughts on Comdotgame

This site may have kids’ games but I don’t think it’s child-friendly at all. But maybe it will work for those who are a child at heart, you know, some long-time gamer hasn’t grown out of Roblox. Besides, adult games cannot be found in the Featured games, Recent games, or Popular games categories. I came here to play sex games, not get a makeover like LittlePony.

Only 1% of the proportion of the games are good so far, considering that these games look like it’s made in MS Paint.

Pros vs Cons

  • Lots of adult games
  • Minimal ads
  • Some games are duds
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