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Cliphunter Review

Sometimes you’re in a hurry to get a good release and all you need is a video to help you push things along. With Cliphunter, you don’t need to worry about losing your momentum while looking for that perfect video.


Most people don’t have the time or patience to browse through their porn. More often than not, you’re already in the mood for a little sexytime and you just need a little push to help you move along— that’s why you fire up your phone or your PC and start hunting for a video.

However, due to poor web design or navigation panels, the whole search can become super frustrating. You’re stuck scrolling through page after page of thumbnails, looking for the one video to help you satisfy your cravings.

With Cliphunter, you don’t have to suffer through that. It’s got the best design for a porn website that I have seen by far. With a clean white background and blue highlights, it’s already evident that this website will be easy on the eyes. The top categories are clearly lined up in alphabetical order, with the start of each new letter bookmarked clearly for easier compartmentalization.

The videos take up most of the screen and you can easily switch from one assortment to another because the filters have been lined up in tabs at the top. The thumbnails on the home page can be sorted according to what’s popular, what’s been recommended, subscriptions to look out for, and the news blog. If you hover over each clip, the timer turns into a Watch Later icon, which is useful for bookmarking videos without having to open them.

The news blog is an interesting feature; it’s a place where you can interact with other users with your feedback on the content around the site. It’s good for community-building.

Finally, at the very bottom of the landing page, you can scroll through some of the site’s most recent comments. This is a handy feature that showcases how involved the community is.

Media Player

The experience doesn’t stop there. When you’ve zeroed in on a video you want to watch, you can easily toggle from 360 pixels (which is the default rate), to 1080 pixels without losing all the progress you’ve made on the video.

Your media player can be sized in four different ways:

  • Normal
  • Expanded
  • Full-Screen
  • Movie Theatre Mode

Movie Theatre Mode just blurs out the rest of the page outside the screen. However, if you’ve loaded the video in low pixel quality and would prefer to keep it minimized, then this mode is perfect for keeping out the distractions.

You can also pause the video at any time and rest assured that you won’t get bombarded with ads the minute you tap the screen. It’s an annoying feature that can be found on most porn sites.

One nifty add-on in the media player is that you can pause the video by pressing the space bar. If you are watching on PC, this is a handy little feature that has not been incorporated in a lot of porn sites.


As with most porn sites, Cliphunter has a massive collection of videos to choose from. As of writing, they have around 100,000 videos. They upload new content on a regular basis, so this is bound to increase even further.

This website has a lot of HD videos and its streaming speed is fairly reasonable. However, there is a distinct lack of gay and trans content to browse through—the website is overwhelmingly dominated by straight and lesbian content.

One great aspect of Cliphunter is that you can download any of their videos for free. If you plan on storing videos locally, you can download at a maximum speed of 2 megabytes per second, which is nearly twice as fast as the rate of other free websites. You can also opt to download the video, which bumps up the download speed significantly. All you need to do is pass a Google CAPTCHA.


Cliphunter has a sizable community of users who comment on videos every once in a while. As of writing, the most recent comment made was five days ago. It’s not exactly bustling with activity, but they are very transparent with the engagement on the videos.

The news blog is also a great way to interact with people within the site. You can discuss any problems you’ve encountered while browsing or provide recommendations for videos to watch and there are people who will definitely respond. The website developers themselves use the news blog to interact with people and release updates.


Overall, Cliphunter is a promising website. You have a lot of great HD content to browse from and it’s all presented in a neat layout.

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