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Bongacams Review

Let’s put Bongacams on the pedestal at the moment. All adult cam sites claim to be the best but at least it has unique offerings just like the others.

The term “bonga” might mean extravagance in some languages but it surely plays the same role in this adult cam site. It’s the place where you can find the sexiest cam models online and enjoy the hottest sex content out there!

Aside from that, there’s the part where you can be able to make a good night jerk session with a companion like I do. That’s why we need to talk and we need to do it now!

Pay for a show, very basic

This is not a diss to adult cam sites. It’s just taking the basic principles and theories that have made entertainment both profitable and sustainable. That means you’ll need to pay to enjoy the show!

I just hope a website finally admits to their upsell scam. They may tell you membership is free but so is the navigation of the site. You’ll need to pay higher than a premium porn subscription due to the number of tokens you’ll need to buy.

Well, it’s worth the money considering you’re paying for services like you will do with a stripper or a hooker. Sexual pleasure is guaranteed if the price is right!

Don’t worry. There’s still consolation

Do you think I will waste fingers dissing a good adult cam site? No way! I’m going to tell you that if you’re a cheapskate that couldn’t pay, at least you can enjoy a lot of features as a free user still. Just expect ads though.

Bongacams has outsmarted you though because their ads slip through most adblockers used. You’ll have to go with an independent one that hasn’t been on the blacklist of their algorithms but I say you are the one who’s ripping them off that way!

It’s just a consolation for you cheapskate! I suggest you pay for a premium because that’s the only way you’re getting some full enjoyment. It’s better that way than throwing it on a stripper!

A plethora of sex cams to enjoy

I like hooking up with girls but there’s a certain aura that draws me back to these adult cam models. It’s something I want to do very often because I’d want to learn some moves I could pull on a hookup. Truth be told it set the tone for the types of girls I am to pick up.

What does this have to do with sex cams? Well, it’s basically a place where you can score some virtual hookups if you pay right. One that will make you either fap or just hold it in there to release on one lucky woman!

Now, for the benefit of the cheapskates out there, these girls have a cam score to keep which means you will still get good performances even if you aren’t paying.

What else is free?

Not much is free because how can they sustain if you won’t pay? I’m not saying that the site is more money-making than service. They already put up the cam score so the models will hold their end of the bargain. So should you!

That said, it’s still better if you create an account so you can enjoy features such as the Group Chat, Private Chat, and Send Tip options. aren’t things better when you make a good impression with your wallet?

Final thoughts

If you notice, I didn’t talk much about the video streams. That’s because most of what I have encountered were high-quality. There were a select few that weren’t but as I said, it’s only a few.

The only thing that keeps each cam site apart from another is the models on the platform. It’s all where the competition lies because other than that, you might find yourself elsewhere.

Needless to say, no matter how much I call out all you cheap-o’s out there, I just want to defend the justification of being a paid member. People pay for the best service and the site has made a damn good job establishing its name in that department.

Pros vs Cons

  • Tons of hotties
  • Neat site design
  • Good search filters
  • Pushy ads
  • Great streams will make you unproductive

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