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Sabina Rouge is one of the most well-loved camgirls in the biz with a lot of fans. Aside from camming, she’s also a glamour model and an adult film star. She has been in the porno world since 2017. 

With her amazing figure, she posed for the covers of Taboo and Hustler magazines and was photographed by the one and only Holly Randal of Playboy Plus. 

In my opinion, Sabina’s greatest achievement was when she was given the “Pet of the Month” title in May 2018 for Penthouse’s magazine. 

Now, let’s start from the beginning. Our goddess is from Haddonfield, New Jersey — and she’s of Italian, French, and English descent. 

Ever since she was a child, it was noticeable that she possessed that innately creative streak in her. She got a passion for music, especially for classic rock. In fact, she’s been a huge fan of Pink Floyd ever since she was 6 years old. 

What’s even amazing about this girl was that she enrolled in college while she was still in high school. So, apparently, she’s one of the brainiest women in the industry. She studied Neuroscience at a Tennessee college. 

Sabina Rouge Dominates Her Hot Roommate

Are you looking for some sizzlin’ hot lesbian action? Well, that’s exactly what Sabrina can offer you in this wild porn video. 

I really like what Sabina is wearing in this film — sexy black lingerie that perfectly showcases her yummylicious bod and firm booty. 

When they started getting crazy on camera and taking off each other’s clothes, I instantly knew I’m in for a treat! 

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