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How typical, right? A Latina immigrant fucking an American for benefits. Well, it’s pretty smart if you ask Natalia Nix here!

This Puerto Rican hottie decided that it would be cool if she fucks her landlord.

It’s called property sex for a reason. While the laws for fucking someone in a house you are listing are illegal, the rules for a landlord to a tenant are pretty much different.

It seems like a scene from a Los Angeles neighborhood where a horny landlord fantasizes on a Latina dreamer who tries to make it in the City of Angels. Well, an angel indeed knocked as Natalia is at the other end of the door seemingly asking her landlord for a favor.

If a sexy Latina knocked on our door acting like this, we would consider it a sign that she wants to be fucked. Why else would someone be the creepy party and sneak into the bedroom, right?

Easing her way in means she’s getting pretty cozy already. That said, it’s best if we let Natalia follow every command here because she’s negotiating for rent.

How many of you would use sex as a renting bargain chip? Apparently, a lot of landlords do that. The only thing is the feeling is mutual here and Natalia is willing to give away her pussy for a few hundred dollars off.

While the landlord agrees to such a deal, so do we because we are already finding ways on how to put ourselves in such a situation. This landlord is one lucky bastard!

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