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Mark Rockwell – Amateur Male Pornstar and Content Creator

Mark Rockwell – Amateur Male Pornstar and Content Creator

Making it in the Porn Biz

Mark Rockwell is an amateur male pornstar who began his porn career in 2011. Born in Tampa Bay, Florida, Mark Rockwell has black hair, brown eyes, tattoos and a 9-inch cut cock. He is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall and weighs 170 lbs (77 kg).

His POV video content is unique and alluring. Mark Rockwell usually features sexy pornstars and shy amateurs sucking his cock and getting blasted with cum. There’s a lot of stroking and edging involved. But every scene usually ends with the model taking a big cumshot to the face!

Mark Rockwell has been a porn addict since discovering his grandparent’s porn collection in the 1980s. After retiring from the military, Mark Rockwell began researching what it takes to shoot homemade porn videos. After finding out what he needed, he purchased all the equipment online. Mark had no idea how to use a camera or set up lighting. He spent up all his savings and maxed out his credit cards. It was a huge risk, but it paid off in the end.

Mark’s next move was to contact models, mostly through amateur sites and Twitter. At first, not many models wanted to shoot with him, and porn agencies wouldn’t even respond to his emails. After taking out another credit card to pay for models and traveling, things slowly began picking up. Although he consistently produced new scenes and sold his content on Clips4Sale, Mark Rockwell still failed to make a profit.

The first popular pornstar to work with Mark Rockwell was Jada Stevens. She introduced Mark to her friends and recommended him to other girls. It was a huge help. But it wasn’t until he shot scenes with pornstar Sasha Foxxx that Mark Rockwell really blew up and he began to develop his unique style. He began traveling all over the country with his camera and a few lights, shooting on the weekends.

By 2014, Mark Rockwell’s business was at full throttle. He now travels and shoots new scenes full-time, getting his dick sucked by the hottest girls in the industry!

In 2019, Mark Rockwell received the XBIZ Award for Best Scene – Clip Site, Britney and Kleio. Mark Rockwell is the first male model to win the Amateur of the Month award on the Pornhub Amateur Program.

Personal Tastes, Turn-ons and Turn-offs

Mark Rockwell’s turn-ons include girls who wear chokers, chucks and shorts. He loves getting his dick sucked while driving his car, rimjobs, and fucking girls with husbands or boyfriends. Mark Rockwell is also into girls with ponytails and babes that swallow, younger girls, horny MILFs and trashy women.

His turn-offs are fake friends, cigarettes, prudes, girls that don’t give blowjobs, thieves, liars, high-waisted jeans, smelly pussies, passive-aggressive assholes and people with loud-mouthed opinionated jerks.

If he could fuck any celebrity, it would definitely be Jennifer Connelly. He prefers brunettes over blondes, though only slightly. Ass over boobs. His favorite niche is blowjobs, and his favorite position is doggystyle. What he loves most about working on Pornhub is interacting with fans and other amateur performers.

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