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Top 10+ Best Free Lesbian Porn Videos

Top 10+ Best Free Lesbian Porn Videos

Lesbian porn is so overlooked that men should watch it more often. Not convinced? You’ll do so after going through this list.

There’s a certain turn on factor to girl-on-girl action. It strokes the little egos and challenges the bigger ones. A healthy competition they say.

So if you’re into imagining yourself as the third person, you’ll love these Top 10+ Best Free Lesbian Porn Videos.

Hot exotic-blonde lesbian porn action

One thing we look forward to in the occasional times that a heterosexual man watches lesbian porn is the interracial action. Worlds seem to be at peace when things like this happen.

Just look at this blonde and Latina woman who seems to have no problems getting cozy. Girl-on-girl can be hardcore and these two are proof of it.

Latinas have such a high sex drive that they are willing to do it with a girl if libido arises. Let’s let these two ladies have their fun. We are having fun watching as well.

Crazy rich lesbians

This Latina woman is so bored with her man that she sought excitement from a man. I want to tell the man how stupid he is here since his girlfriend went with another woman in the upstairs bedroom.

What makes it more of a turn-on factor is that these people are actually rich judging by the backgrounds and rooms in the video. Some crazy rich lesbian action.

I’m thinking twice of going through the screen right now just to share a threesome moment and show the man in the video what he’s missing being a bum on the couch.

Teen lesbians do it by the fireplace

No need to light up the fireplace to heat up the house as there are two girls who make the place even hotter. Girls like kissing each other for fun and these two just wanted to take it seriously.

Life is boring without the spice of curiosity, right? That’s why these two were wondering what it felt if they did it with each other and not with their boyfriends.

These chicks did not disappoint because once again I’m just a dive away to jumping right into the action. I can imagine my tongue touching theirs already and I haven’t even started hooking up.

Asians can make lesbian porn hot too!

Who said Asians are too conservative? Traditional upbringing brought them up that way but believe me, they are craving to break out.

Asian women think of lesbo action as some sort of a badass, free-spirited, independent way of life so they engage in such every once in a while. These two did it with matching lingerie and a caucasian-sized dildo.

At least I already know that these lesbians would cave in if they meet my cock. All of a sudden their badassery becomes Ms. Girly Girly.

I know how these women play and these fiery Asians will easily cave in.

Blondies go deviant

When two relatives aren’t related by blood, you can expect a lot of deviance around the household. Even I can guarantee nightly sex if I had a stepsister.

This one is different. It’s a horny stepmom not being able to hold her urge for her hot stepdaughter. This woman might have even just married to hook up with the man’s daughter.

It’s a common occurrence for the husband to be so busy that he no longer has time to watch over his wife and his daughter. At least the two chose the comfort of an extended family over a stranger.

I’ll make sure I marry a MILF with a hot daughter so it would be a win-win if I decide to be deviant.

Lena and Caprice share a steamy lesbian moment

I love it when a studio is able to produce a lesbian porn video of high quality. A lot of production value has been put into Caprice and Lena’s steamy sex scene.

These are the big ego strokes. If two hotties would rather do it with each other than settle with you, that means you have to step up your game. Even I got hit a bit by these two going at it. At least I know I’m competitive.

That said, I might just practice more by hooking up with lesbians on threesomes every night. I know I can catch up and be the third person in a scene as steamy as this.

Wild inked lesbians get even wilder

An inked woman is already a wild sight. It paints an image of someone who’s addicted to pain. That’s what the idea of adding more tattoos mean.

These two show that it’s more than just body art. It adds to the turn-on factor whenever we see some badass chicks cave into sexual desires. Imagine having my buff physique as the third body in the play. That’s the urge of the female hormones.

Needless to say, these two can handle things themselves. I’m already thinking of kissing them when I kiss my partner torridly later. I’m going to lick the ink on their skin.

You can take note of that.

Two MILFs, costumes and strap-ons

Who’s up for some role play? Apparently these two color-headed nymphomaniacs.

You can see that these two are MILFs who have nothing else better to do but by on their see-throughs and fuck each other with their shared dildo. I like how those boobs press against the stretchable see-throughs.

I’m assuming they are wearing translucent superhero costumes where the setting of the movie is under the sea. As for the lesbian action, this is some good MILF fucking here!

College teens pledge to lesbian porn action

Who doesn’t love college? Just a week’s worth of hard initiation and hazing and you’re in for the best four or more years of your early adulthood.

This sorority decided to make pledging more fun as the officers lick the pussies of their pledges. I think this is a win-win only for them. You won’t get that from a testosterone-filled frat house. That’s also why sorority boys became an underrated comedy flick.

I wonder where their sorority house is because I’m definitely going to be always present to their parties. I’ll even invite my bros so all of us can have some fun.

We’ll let them do their lesbian schtick before we jump in.

Tres Marias

This is how you scout for your next lesbian porn actresses. Check out their live streams on whichever cam site they are on and ask them to do the same things with a little drama.

The lesbian touching threesome is like their VTR into the industry as they have already hit multiple niches. They are thick, have big tits and butt, represent the brown race, and can do lesbian scenes.

All that lacks is a studio that would cast them for a full-on lesbian porn movie.

Gamer girls suddenly go lesbo on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is starting to be my favorite go-to for raunchy content. It takes more to be worth my subscription though.

These two gamer girls look like they really want me to subscribe and make them earn their much-needed passive income as they try to impress me with how they share a dildo.

It’s a good POV video because the fake cock they are sucking is almost the same color and size as mine. Of course, I’ll be biased and say my cock is better.

Where is the lesbian porn in this video? Watch the whole thing and see how one is using the dildo on the other just like lesbians do.

The cadence of the POV scene may have been ruined by that but at least they showed their lesbo side here too.

SuperGirl gets kinky

Superman has his kryptonite but SuperGirl? All you need is to go kinky on her and she’s gonna cave. How can I tell? It’s obvious from the very start of the video.

This girl was so keen on making sure we know that heroes have sexual urges too. That means even heroes have the right to play submissive to a dominant woman if they please. That’s also where the turn-on factor comes from. How can you simply not get aroused to such hot lesbian action?

Well,  know I did and I’ll leave you to enjoy this video. The kinky outfit under the Supergirl costume at the very start was like instant viagra already.

Teen lesbians get cozy

When two lesbians get cozy, it doesn’t matter if it’s their first time. They have found their flow. Take a look at these two who didn’t hold back once they got comfy with each other.

The brunette chick was as smooth as a man as she eased into the blonde chick who reciprocates. It looks like their inner lesbo gave them the hots for each other at the very beginning. It also goes to show how easy I could get them if I wanted to.

I couldn’t help but hold myself because these two are getting so steamy that I’m dying to dive into the screen again just to get a piece of the action. I can already feel my tongue touching theirs as I watch.

Lesbian fuck fest!

Three lesbians are in action again here as Maggie, Sara, and Jenna engages in a fuck fest!

These three women are so big that the thumbnail already looks like an orgy. I can make it such if I wanted to but I’d rather enjoy watching them do things to each other. That’s why they call it a fuckfest. It’s worth mentioning how many pounds of boobs are present. All of them have big tits.

I think it’s a common thing for thick women to do this with each other. Having heterosexual sex with a thick lesbian turns me on a lot knowing I’m the only man that got through her out of the many suitors. And I’m doing it casually.

That’s the reason this specific lesbian porn video appeals a lot to me. They no doubt make this top list.

A coffee and creamer type of lesbian porn

If there’s an explanation of why coffee tastes smoother with cream, these two are the human definition of it. This black girl knows how to please her white meat.

The two do it on a 69 position which triggers multiple chambers of my imagination. They are just going at it without any care for racial or cultural boundaries. Isn’t this how the world should be even without porn? At least I know how a perfect world may look like. No hate, just sex.

Let’s just hope the picture quality improves because I’m looking forward to more of them in the future.

August and Abella go deviant

Extended families can be wild. Stepfamilies fantasizing about one another. A stepmom already fucked her stepdaughter early on this list. Now it’s two stepsisters going at it!

There’s nothing wrong with family deviance for as long as they aren’t related by blood. Things wouldn’t be awkward between the two too because it’s just like two girls trying to practice what to do when they go into their separate sex lives.

Now I know how these two will pan out when I have sex with them. It can be a threesome or I will fuck them simultaneously.

The super lesbians tease you hard

You might be wondering how the hell did a 16-second video end up on a top list? It’s because I’m the expert judge and I had to watch it over and over again to believe what I saw.

SuperGirl makes another appearance and this time, she brought the dark version with her as they fuck each other’s brains out with a dildo. These two cosplaying lesbians will definitely cave once they see that I’m coming at them with my dick covered in green rubber.

Still not convinced? Just think about how I was able to give you a full teaser out of such a very short video.

Time to relax

Ever wonder what happens in a massage room in your local spa? If the therapist is horny, it’s going to end up like Anna and Emylia here. These two are guaranteed able to make things happen in a place where candles and body oil are the tools for relaxation.

The penetrations feel softer and the ambiance is well suited for some hot lesbian action! This is the reason I like taking my girl to spas. There’s a 50-50 chance that a threesome is going to happen as long as the therapist is hot. Heck, I even get massages in between rounds.

As for these two lesbos, they certainly are enjoying it the same way I usually do. It doesn’t matter what your preference is.

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